There Is No End To Obama’s Duplicity Against Israel


7:00 pm Israel time, Monday, January 26 2015

49 Days Until The Election

***At this hour, the residents of Kiryat Shemona and surrounding areas have been told to remain in their houses because of a fear of possible Hezbollah infiltration (see map below where Kiryat is spelled “Qiryat”).


Following up on our israelstreet blog yesterday, there are reports today of intensive Israel Air Force activity in the vicinity of Quneitra (spelled above “Qunaytirah”). At the same time, 65 miles to the north, Lebanese army units have been rushed to the Baalbeck area to join with Hezbollah artillery units to try to stem the onslaught of IS.

Your humble servant leaves it to you dear reader who determine who is worse: IS or Hezbollah?

***During the last week, there has been a massive effort by the supposedly “penniless”military wing of Hamas to organize military camps for young men ages 15-21 in Gaza. Calling the thousands of camp participants “Pioneers of Independence”, Hamas has included live fire military skills and religious indoctrination in their regimen.

Meanwhile, Hamas missile production continues at full bore with new, experimental missiles being churned out every minute of the day from all of the “humanitarian supplies” Israel is permitting into Gaza. This afternoon, Hamas terrorists fired 10 missiles into the Mediterranean to assess their ability to strike Israel.

***According to the Interior Ministry, 5,881,696 Israelis are eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

And it is an election campaign that, not unlike previous Israeli election campaigns, is turning increasingly ugly. As readers of this blog know, your humble servant is a member of the Jewish Home party and no major supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu. Nonetheless, the attack on Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, over the last few days by so-called “journalists” on the Left has been the epitome of unseemliness.

Attacking the family members of those running for office should be strictly off limits.


What can you say about the relationship between the United States and Israel?

Each day sees a parade of speakers in Washington declaring that the U.S.–Israel relationship is stronger than ever.

Each day sees more quirky revelations showing that the relationship is not what it once was.

Let’s take yet another example from today:

A New York Times article has revealed that the Obama Administration vetoed an agreement last year between Nigeria and Israel that would have seen Israel sell American Cobra helicopters to Nigeria in order to fight against Boko Haram jihadist Muslim terrorists.

According to the report, the Obama Administration was concerned that the Nigerian government was not doing enough to limit civilian casualties in its war against Boko Haram.

Can you even begin to wrap your mind around this? Here we have a vicious Muslim group in Nigeria slaughtering civilians by the thousands, and kidnapping and raping young girls by the hundreds, and the United States intervened to block Israel from helping Nigeria stop the terrorists.


Well not really.

After all, it was only 5 months ago, in the midst of a war with Hamas, that President Obama stopped the shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel. These are missiles that would have been specifically used to limit civilian casualties because of their ability to pinpoint Hamas Muslim terrorists.

By the way, Boko Haram murdered 200 more Nigerian civilians in Maiduguri two days ago as Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in the country for a photo-op with the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan.

What was that nonsense about not meeting with leaders in the midst of election campaigns?

What was that nonsense about not meeting with leaders in the midst of election campaigns?

And also “by the way”, Good luck Jonathan is a candidate in the upcoming Nigerian elections on February 14 (remember how it was only 4 days ago when Obama and Kerry were talking about how it is “American policy” not to meet with leaders in the midst of election campaigns and hence were extending no invitation to the White House to Benjamin Netanyahu?).

Truly pathetic. 





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