The BBC’s Nauseating Tweet Today About The Holocaust


7:00 pm Israel time, Tuesday, January 27 2015

48 Days Until The Election

***For the last two days israelstreet has been warning of the situation on the Golan Heights as it relates to Hezbollah. Late this morning 4 missiles were fired into Israel from Syria, and the IDF responded by firing 20 artillery shells at the launch sites. Syrian sources report that two were killed and two wounded by Israeli artillery.

At the moment, the IDF continues firing intermittently from its positions on and around Mt. Hermon, and areas from Quneitra to Neve Atif have been ordered evacuated.

 ***Do you remember the bilingual school in Jerusalem–held up as the symbol of coexistence between Arabs and Israelis– that was the target of arson back in November? The case became such a cause celebre that President Obama stuck his nose into Israeli affairs and had students from the school come to the White House during Chanukah and bring Chanukkiyot they had made with messages of “peace” on the candles–which they then lit in celebration of the holiday.

You may also remember the rush in the Israeli media and international media to condemn “radical right extremists” in general and Lehava, the anti-assimilation organization, in particular. Three members of that organization were arrested and charged with arson, and the offices of the organization were raided and ransacked by the police.

This morning, a Jerusalem District Court ordered the immediate transfer from jail of two of those under arrest to home detention. As their lawyer pointed out: “The court detached itself from politics and media pressure generated by the prosecution and Shin Bet.” The one person who remains in jail arrest is appealing his incarceration to the Israel Supreme Court.

***The election of the far leftist leader Alexis Tsipras in Greece two days ago will have an extremely negative effect on Greek-Israel relations–which had been markedly improving.


Ever an apologist for the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, Tsipras was a member of the so-called “Freedom Flotilla” which attempted to break the Gaza blockade back in 2009. This morning Hamas praised Tsipras and hailed his election.


Today is International Holocaust Memorial Day which takes place on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian soldiers on January 27, 1945.

The number of survivors of the camp continues to diminish as time goes by, with only about 300 of them capable of making the trip to Poland this year. The projections are that in another five years that number will be reduced to fewer than 50.


As the number of survivors dwindles, the desire of the world to forget what happened there increases.

Just this morning, the BBC, in an official and nauseating tweet, asked its followers to answer the question: “Is the time coming to lay the Holocaust to rest?” In other words, the BBC wants to know if the time has come to stop talking about the Holocaust.

We should all answer that question by remembering with a moment of silence today the 1.5 million people who were brutally murdered at the camp by the Nazis and their collaborators–and then flooding the BBC with complaints.


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