Hezbollah Terrorists Murder Israeli Soldiers On The Lebanon Border


5:00 pm Israel time, Wednesday, January 28 2015

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The situation continues to degrade along the Lebanese border.

This morning, Hezbollah terrorists in the Shebaa Farms area fired at least two anti-tank missiles at unarmored Israeli military vehicles which were on patrol along the Israel-Lebanon border. Two IDF soldiers were killed and seven more were “moderately” wounded. The picture that follows is courtesy of Walla:


Given the events of the last week, the attack was no surprise. And in that context, your humble servant asks: why were Israeli soldiers riding along the Lebanese border in unarmored vehicles? In essence, like the soldiers who were killed in unarmored personnel carriers in the war with Gaza this summer, these soldiers today were sitting ducks.

Another view of one of the vehicles. How did anyone get out alive?

Another view of one of the vehicles. How did anyone get out alive?

In the aftermath of attack, Hezbollah immediately claimed responsibility, and Israel has fired back at Hezbollah positions in Lebanon. A Spanish soldier with UNIFIL has been killed in the ongoing crossfire.

The attack follows the firing of missiles into Israel yesterday. 

Here was that bizarre sequence of events:

–incoming missile alarms went off all along the Israeli Golan Heights, focusing on the Druze villages in the vicinity of Majdal Shams near Mt. Hermon.

–the missile system recorded that 4 missiles were fired, and two of them hit in “open areas”.

–the IDF immediately returned fire striking the launch sites.

the IDF then declared that the initial missile alarms were, in fact, false alarms.

All of this, of course, is extremely similar to what happens in southern Israel where we have repeatedly seen the same pattern of missile attacks being called “false alarms”. 

More updates will follow in the coming hours as circumstances warrant.

UPDATE 7 pm Israel time

Later information about the terror attack this morning:

*Hezbollah fired 5 anti-tank missiles at the Israeli vehicles.

*The soldiers were absurdly riding in Isuzu D-Max open military jeeps. As reported a few hours ago, the jeep was completely unprotected.

*The soldiers are more seriously wounded than first reported with severe shrapnel wounds in their limbs and torsos. They are currently at Ziv and Rambam Hospitals.

One of the wounded Israeli soldiers at Ziv Medical Center today.

One of the wounded Israeli soldiers at Ziv Medical Center today.

*Immediately following the ambush on the Israeli soldiers, Hezbollah launched a mortar attack on the region–with one mortar shell hitting Ghajar.

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