President Obama and the 80% Solution


6:00 pm Israel time, Saturday, January 31 2015

44 Days Until The Election

***In the wake of the newest terrorist attacks in the Sinai, an Egyptian Court declared yesterday that the armed wing of Hamas is “a terrorist organization.”

You think so?

Let’s look at the Hamas scorecard for the last two days: 40 Egyptians killed; 6 armed (with guns and hand grenades) terrorists captured in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, and numerous “test missiles” fired from Gaza into the Mediterranean in preparation for the next war.

After the ruling of the court Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, absurdly declared that “there is no more justice in Egypt.”

***Left wing NGOs are in tears today over reports that bids are being sought by the Israeli government to build 450 new homes in four existing Jewish communities in Area C of Judea and Samaria – 112 in Adam, 156 in Elkana, 78 in Alfei Menashe and 84 in Kiryat Arba. Also crying are the U.S. State Department and U.K Foreign Department who are fraudulently calling the proposed building “illegal and illegitimate.”

They shouldn’t cry too much. If this bidding process follow the same sequence as most of the other ones in the last two years, it will quickly be frozen by the Netanyahu government and, outrageously, no new residences will be built. For all of his Zionistic talk about supporting Judea and Samaria, our Prime Minister has brought much-needed construction in the area to a crushing halt.


Why is PM Netanyahu determined to go to the United States to talk about Iran before the U.S. Congress?

According to Israeli officials today, President Obama is anxious to quickly agree to a deal which will leave Iran’s nuclear weapons program almost completely intact. Specifically, the Iranians would be able to keep more than 7,000 centrifuges–enough to produce a nuclear weapon within months.

By Israeli estimates, the agreement would leave the Iranian program with 80% of its resources up and running or ready to resume at a moment’s notice.

Why would Obama agree to such a bad deal?

It must be obvious to everyone by this point that an American rapprochement with Iran is to be the centerpiece of President Obama’s second term in office. Who cares if Iran is now sitting on the Syrian border with Israel, or on the Lebanese border with Israel via Hezbollah, or has virtually taken over Yemen, or is now resupplying Hamas, or is attempting to impose its will on Iraq, or is propagating terrorism over much of the globe with its own “security forces” or through its Hezbollah proxy?

None of this matters to President Obama.

He views a Washington-Tehran axis as the basis of a new reality in the Middle East.

A new reality indeed.



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