A Day of Stark Contrasts and Israeli Absurdity


7:00 pm Israel time, Monday, February 2 2015

42 Days Until The Election

***Yesterday, six Jews, five of them teenagers, went to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Once there, the Islamic Wakf police cursed them, spat on them, and then attacked them. When the Jewish young men asked that the Jerusalem police arrest the Islamic Wakf police–or at least intervene to stop them–the Jerusalem Police shockingly arrested the young Jews.

As Temple activist Yehuda Glick noted today:  “In Europe this would be called anti-semitism. Here it is considered to be extremist Jewish provocation. To what have we come?”

Indeed, the amazing way that Israel has surrendered sovereignty on the Temple Mount to the Islamic Wakf is nauseating in the extreme.

But not without its “benefit.”

The Jordanians announced today that they are returning their ambassador to Israel because Israel has taken care of the problems on the Temple Mount. PM Netanyahu immediately remarked: “This is an important step that reflects Israel and Jordan’s joint interests which are, chiefly, stability, security and peace.”

Your humble servant is going to be sick. 

***The Israeli election campaign season has turned even dirtier than usual with all parties talking about everything except issues.

–The Israeli Left is throwing the kitchen sink at Netanyahu and his family. Among the “serious” accusations (all three of which are old): Sara Netanyahu took money that the family received from recycling bottles for her personal use; the Netanyahus took garden furniture from the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem and used it in their personal home; and Netanyahu took his wife and two sons on state trips at taxpayer expense.

–The Israeli Right, on the other hand, is now beginning to fight back by going after Tzipi Livni’s husband whom they accuse of taking receiving contracts from Israeli municipalities in questionable agreements, and Isaac Herzog’s mother who received hundreds of thousands in state benefits including such things as drivers and maids.

The only difference between the two sides is that the Israeli media is wholly in bed with the Left. Every program on Israel Channels 1, 2, and 10 begins with bottles, garden furniture, or travel. If there is any good news in this for Netanyahu, there is some thought today–even among the leftist parties–that the media overkill is well past the point of absurdity.


The contrast between Israeli and Egyptian treatment of Muslim terrorists has never been starker than today. While Israel’s utterly clueless and despicable IDF COGAT Unit was overseeing the delivery of 560 truckloads of “humanitarian supplies” into the hands of Hamas terrorists, an Egyptian court was sentencing 183 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death.

The incredible irony is that the more terrorism that Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas perpetrates and the more missiles it builds in anticipation of the next war with Israel, the more  “humanitarian supplies” Israel ships into the hands of Hamas so that it can enhance its construction of tunnels and missiles.

On the other hand, the more terrorism that the Muslim Brotherhood perpetrates in Egypt the more Muslim Brotherhood members are arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced for their crimes.

By the way, among the 560 truckloads of “humanitarian supplies” were 150 trucks loaded with gravel to be used in concrete in projects initiated by Hamas-sponsor Qatar. Another 99 trucks were loaded with cement, gravel, and iron “for construction.”

Of tunnels.

Interestingly, in discussing the 560 trucks, the Hamas Chairman of the “Coordination Committee for the Entry of Goods Into Gaza”, Raed Fattouh, commented that tomorrow Hamas will allow “the occupation” to pump quantities of fuel into Gaza.

The sheer insanity of what Israel is doing is mind numbing.


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