The UNHCR Schabas Fiasco


7:00 pm Israel time, Monday, February 3 2015

41 Days Until The Election

***It is being reported on Israeli TV Channel 10 this evening that the deal that the President Obama and John Kerry have agreed to with Iran specifies that Iran can keep 6500 centrifuges for its nuclear weapons program if it agrees to “keep quiet” in Syria and in the Iraq-Afghanistan area.

If this is the deal, it is an incredibly bad one–as it leaves Iran’s nuclear program spinning its way toward a nuclear weapon for a completely worthless promise regarding Iranian involvement in neighboring countries.

However, as stated, this is a “report.” It has yet to be confirmed.

***The events on the Gaza-Egypt border this afternoon have been a little difficult to piece together, but it appears that Palestinian terrorists, using an explosives-laden donkey, attempted to blow up a group of Egyptian soldiers.

That attack failed, but in response, Egyptian army units opened fire on Hamas positions in Gaza. For the last few hours, intermittent explosions and gunfire have been emanating from the area.

***Security forces thwarted an attack by two Palestinian terrorists at the Chabad house in Hebron today. Details are scarce at this time, but the terrorists apparently entered the Chabad with knives, were spotted, and overpowered.

***A horrific traffic accident occurred this afternoon at the Lehavim Junction at the Arad turnoff on the road to Beersheva. 

The location of the accident (picture: google).

The location of the accident (picture: google).

A bus carrying Bedouin women over the age of 50 who were returning from praying at the Al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem was sideswiped by a tractor hauling a trailer on top of which was a wide piece of agricultural equipment.  Eight women were killed and another two dozen were moderately to lightly injured. 

The piece of equipment which sideswiped the bus is behind the tractor (picture: walla).

The yellow piece of equipment which sideswiped the bus is behind the tractor (picture: walla).


William Schabas. Paid PLO consultant and head of the UNCHR war crimes commission until his resignation today.

William Schabas. Paid PLO consultant and head of the UNCHR war crimes commission until his resignation today.

Lest we forget the entire, sorry, sequence of events, allow your humble servant to recount:

1. On August 11, 2014, the vehemently anti-Israel U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva appointed a commission to investigate war crimes in Gaza, and produce a report by March 2015. William Schabas, a Canadian professor of international law was appointed to head the commission. Schabas is well-known in Middle East circles for his endless scathing criticism of Israel and his call (in 2010) for PM Netanyahu to be hauled into The Hague for war crimes.

2. On November 12, 2014, the Israel Foreign Ministry announced that it would not cooperate with the Schabas Commission, calling the Commission a kangaroo court whose conclusions had already been made. Israel blocked the Commission from entering Israel through Jordan.

3. In the meantime, the Schabas Commission established a website and called on interested parties to submit information about war crimes— supposed Israeli war crimes. The call for submissions was only given in English and Arabic. No effort was made to collect Israeli information about Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah war crimes.

4. In November, December, and January, the Commission continued collecting “evidence”.

5. It was recently announced that the “fact-finding” phase of the Commission has concluded and its report would be presented in Geneva on March 23. 

6. At the same time, Israel uncovered evidence that Schabas was a paid legal advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and demanded Schabas’ resignation.

7. Yesterday, William Schabas resigned saying he did want the controversy over his PLO association to taint the Commission report.

What a joke.

Under Schabas’ guidance, his Commission has gathered voluminous biased information against Israel and is in the midst of writing its report.

The report that appears on March 23 is first and last the Schabas report, and we all know what it will say. 







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