There Is Much More To The Iranian Threat


7:00 pm Israel time, Wednesday, February 4 2015

40 Days Until The Election

***Sometimes the Arabs have it exactly right–because it appears that only they understand their fellow Arabs.

At dawn this morning, the Jordanians hung Sag’ida Rishawi and Ziad al-Erbol in revenge for the IS burning to death of the Jordanian pilot. Why did they hang these two terrorists? Simply because they know that the only thing that impresses Arabs is strength.

It is a point that Israel once knew but in recent years has forgotten. 

***Two tragic facts about the 8 Bedouin women who were killed in the bus-tractor accident yesterday. Each of them had between 8 and 15 children.

To show you how sordid the Israeli election campaign has become, we had the unseemly spectacle yesterday of Tzipi Livni blaming Netanyahu for the accident.  By the way, the driver of the truck carrying the tractor was an Israeli-Arab from Ramle and the bus driver was a Bedouin.


The Iranian military spoke again today–this time in the form of the Commander of the Air Force of the Revolutionary Guards, Maj. Gen. Haji Zadeh. Speaking to recent Air Force graduates, Zadeh was specific about the “accomplishments” of those under his command.

Primarily, Zadeh said that Iran had been, and would continue to be, supplying missiles to Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Palestine. The purpose of the missiles, Zadeh said, was to help these entities in “confronting the Zionist occupation and DAAS and other infidel organizations.” Zadeh concluded his remarks by saying “the victory of the Islamic revolution caused changes in the world and stability on many levels.”

Missiles to Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah, and Palestine?

Confronting the Zionist occupation and Daas?

What exactly is happening here was succinctly described by PM Netanyahu following a briefing he received from IDF commanders on the Golan Heights: 

“I came here with the defense minister and IDF commanders in light of the emerging threats on the Golan. Iran has been trying to open up a new front here in addition to south Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.”

Stop and think about all this for a moment.

We now have a surreal situation in which the West has crawled into bed with Iran in its struggle to stop IS. If Iran is supplying missiles to Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah to stop IS, that is fine and dandy.

But what about the fact that the missiles being supplied to Syria and Hezbollah are now being pointed at Israel? No one says a word about that.

And what about Iran arming Hamas in Gaza, and other terrorists in Judea and Samaria? No one says a word about that.

In short, the world is aligned with Iran to stop IS, but the world is not aligned with Israel to stop Iran and its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas.

Two days ago, Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent article entitled: “A Speech Netanyahu Must Give”. I encourage you, dear reader, to read it now. It focuses on why the PM must go to Washington to speak on the Iranian nuclear threat.

But it is also vitally important to note that the Iranian threat is far greater than just its nuclear weapons program. 




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