What Do You Receive For Courageous Service To Your Country?


7:00 pm Israel time, Thursday, February 5 2015

39 Days Until The Election

***The V15-One Voice Movement campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu and all candidates on the Israeli “Right” is suddenly lurching in some very bumpy waters–both in Israel and the United States.

In Israel, the campaign is, at least for the moment, having a severe backlash, with fully 88% of Israelis finding fault with foreign (read “American” and “Obama’s”) interference in the Israeli election according to a poll taken yesterday.

In the United States, an Israeli-American living in New York filed a complaint against V15/One Voice with the Internal Revenue Service for violating financial laws regarding NGOs. Then he posted the complaint form on Israeli social media networks. Hundreds of Israeli-Americans living in Israel have now filed similar complaints.

***It appears that the Obama Administration’s deal with Iran is closer than ever with John Kerry about to meet with the Iranian foreign minister in Munich.

What an appropriate place to hold a meeting that is likely to flesh out the details of an arrangement that will leave the more than six million Jews living in Israel vulnerable to Iranian nuclear weapons.


Why is this courageous soldier's home being demolished?

Why is this courageous soldier’s home being demolished?

Let’s get this straight.

First, because of your patriotism, you* enter the IDF and become an elite fighter in the IDF Paratroopers. Then you fight in Gaza during this past summer’s war. Next, during one of the fiercest battles around Khan Younis, you are shot twice by Hamas Palestinian terrorists, but you manage to continue firing, and kill the terrorist that has your unit pinned down. 

Next you are helicoptered to Soroka Hospital in Beersheva where you recover and undergo rehabilitation. But you don’t really want to be there, so you obtain your release to go home to your friends, home to your small community of 28 families and 30 single men at Yitzhar-Gilad Farm in Samaria.

And there you have stayed putting your life back together until this morning when you hear a knock on the door.

Who is there?

Israeli border police and inspectors from the Israel Civil Administration. Out of the blue, they hand you the following paper that authorizes the demolition of your home:


And why is your home being designated for destruction? Because yet another leftist NGO has filed yet another lawsuit to try to wrest Israeli land away from Israelis. 

And who is responsible for carrying out this outrage? PM Netanyanu, so-called “Defense” Minister Yaalon, IDF head Benny Gantz, the COGAT unit of the IDF,  and all of their friends in the Civil Administration.

They should all be red-faced with shame. 

*For the time being, your humble servant is not including the soldier’s name because of several considerations.




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