Biden and Kerry Meddle Ever More Deeply In The Israeli Election


6:00 am Israel time, Sunday, February 8 2015

36 Days Until The Election

***Jerusalem remains on high alert at this hour following information that a suspected Palestinian terrorist from Bethlehem is in the Jerusalem area to carry out an attack. There is no further details at this  hour.

***Some very slight good news for a change. Illegal Palestinian buildings have been destroyed in Jabel Mukaber, Shuafat, Ras Al-Tin, and Dirat. This comes in the wake of news two days ago that the European Union is funding widespread illegal building in Area C of Judea and Samaria, especially in the E-1 area near Ma’aleh Adumim.

Israeli forces demolishing an illegally built house in Area C yesterday. A welcome sight--but how many more thousands of such buildings are there? (picture: rotter).

Israeli forces demolishing an illegally built house in Area C yesterday. A welcome sight–but how many more thousands of such buildings are there? (picture: rotter).

***The events at the University of California-Davis (recall the BDS vote two weeks ago to divest from companies doing business with Israel, and the swastikas painted on the AEPi fraternity house there two days later) continue to spiral out of control thanks to the utter lack of leadership by UCD Chancellor Linda Katehi and her incompetent team of administrators.

Not only do we now discover that more anti-Jewish hate speech was etched into the wall in a bathroom in the Hillel House on campus, but we also have the national president of AEPi announcing that the national headquarters of the fraternity is sending its own team–including security personnel–to ensure the safety of its Jewish brothers on campus.

And what exactly is UCD doing? Nothing but singing kumbaya, preaching “inclusiveness”, and turning the Muslim students into “victims”. There has been no attempt whatsoever to tackle the root causes of anti-Semitism on campus–particularly insofar as its manifestation as anti-Israel provocation is concerned. 

Read two sections from the most recent letter sent two days ago by Chancellor Katehi to UC Davis faculty, staff, and students, –and weep:

“Unfortunately, recent campus events have surfaced the worst forms of intolerance and bigotry toward both our Jewish and Muslim communities. These behaviors are not only repugnant and a gross violation of our values, they are unacceptable and must not be tolerated on our campus, or anywhere else in our community.”

The worst forms of intolerance and bigotry toward our Muslim communities? What intolerance? What bigotry? Have we already forgotten that it was the Muslim students who were shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the recent BDS meeting? Or a Muslim student member of the UCD Senate who rejoiced that Hamas and Shariah Law have taken over UC-Davis?

The letter continues:

“Vice Chancellor Adela de la Torre and Associate Executive Vice Chancellor Rahim Reed from UC Davis will join leaders from Celebration of Abraham, including leaders from Congregation Bet Haverim in Davis and the Sacramento Area League of American Muslims (SALAM), in a concerted effort of outreach, engagement and understanding between community members of all faiths in Davis.  We must learn from these events to create an environment that reflects the community we want to be. . .


Chancellor Linda Katehi
UC Davis

Dr. Anne Kjemtrup

Dr. Helen Roland
Celebration of Abraham

Rabbi Greg Wolfe
Congregation Bet Haverim”

Amazingly, to address the problem, the university has reached out to

*SALAM, the anti-Israel Muslim league in Sacramento that puts on one anti-Israel program after another;

*the Celebration of Abraham, a group of anti-Israel Muslim political organizations (including the Council on American-Islamic Relations), mosques, “progressive” Christian churches, and 1 token reform Jewish synagogue–the majority of which support BDS efforts to delegitimize Israel;

*Rabbi Greg Wolfe whose Congregation Bet Haverim synagogue happens to be the 1 token Jewish member of the Celebration of Abraham. 

Can the situation become any more surreal?


Let’s take a short stroll down memory lane this morning.

It was a mere 18 days ago on January 22nd that we heard White House officials blather that President Obama will not meet with PM Netanyahu when he makes his speech before the U.S. Congress in early March “because the White House has a traditional policy of not meeting officials engaged in an election campaign in order to avoid the appearance of meddling in a country’s election.”

At the same time, it was made clear that officials of the Obama Administration such as Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State  are bound by the same restriction.

Then exactly 3 days later, on January 25th, John Kerry showed up in Nigeria for a photo-op with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan–in order to shore up Jonathan’s election campaign.

Less than a week later the story broke about how the U.S. State Department is a major funder of the One Voice Movement which has hired the team that headed Obama’s ground game, led by Jeremy Bird, to run the V15 movement in Israel to defeat PM Netanyahu and promote the candidacy of Isaac Herzog.

All of which gets us up to yesterday in Munich at the so-called “security conference.”

Who happened to be there?

None other than Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Isaac Herzog.

What actually took place among these three Obama sycophants depends on which one you happen to talk to, but Herzog minced no words yesterday. According to his version, he met both Biden and Kerry in “unofficial meetings” and discussed “issues related to the security of Israel and developments in the region.”

According to Biden and Kerry, no actual “meetings” took place–just “chance” encounters in the hallway that were not meetings but “brief conversations”.


Chance encounters.

Biden and Kerry, whose entire lives follow a precisely scheduled script, just happened to meet their cohort who is trying to unseat PM Netanyahu. 

It is completely laughable.

But Herzog’s later comments at the “security meeting” were far from laughable.

After beginning his speech by noting that he would not criticize Netanyahu in accordance with the long standing Israeli tradition that politicians traveling abroad not criticize sitting prime ministers, Herzog proceeded to do nothing but lambaste Netanyahu, and concluded insanely that when elected prime minister he “will put Gaza back at the top of the international agenda.”

Say what?

By late last night, Herzog had his fellow party member Shelly Yachimovich issuing the statement that “When Isaac Herzog talks, world leaders listen.”

The truth is that Isaac Herzog, Joe Biden, and John Kerry are pathetic jokes. 


Do you want to know what the huge headline of the Jerusalem Post is this morning?

“Biden’s Office Says He Won’t Attend

Netanyahu’s March Congressional Speech”

And the subheadline underneath?

“Herzog criticizes prime minister, meets briefly with US VP, secretary of state in Munich conference hallway”

Enough said.


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