Your Humble Servant’s Crystal Ball: A Suicide Bomber and the Gaza Border


1:00 am Monday: Just released for publication. The IDF soldier most critically wounded in the Hadera attack at 9:30 pm was a 19-year-old female soldier. She remains in “grave” condition.

11:46 pm Sunday: Sirens sound: incoming missiles from Gaza for Eshkol region of southern Israel.

9:30 pm Sunday: 4 Israelis wounded at Gan Shmuel near Hadera. Israeli-Arab terrorist from Umm al Fahm ran over people in his car, then got out and began stabbing them. Citzens nearby captured the terrorist. All victims in “serious to moderate” condition.

8:44 pm Sunday: Incoming missile sirens for Sderot and vicinity. Men, women, and children run to bomb shelters.

4:45 pm Sunday: Palestinian attacks have continued all afternoon with shooting incidents on the Gaza border, in Shechem (Nablus), and elsewhere. Israelis and tourists have been wounded by “rocks” in Karmi Tsur and near Ma’aleh Adumim. Major, on-going riots are taking place at this moment in Huwara and at locations in eastern Jerusalem.

4:14 pm Sunday: Stabbing averted at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron when Palestinian acting suspiciously approaches checkpoint: subsequent search reveals knife.

12:03 am Sunday: IDF reveals that more than 30 Gazans breached the border following riots yesterday.

11:09 pm Saturday: Incoming missile sirens again for southern Israel. Men, women, and children sent running to bomb shelters.

11:07 pm Saturday: Incoming missile sirens for Zones 217, 218, 247–Eshkol region and Ashkelon. Residents of southern Israel report multiple explosions.

3:50 pm Saturday: Another Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem very close to location of the attack this morning. Three Border Guards attacked–one critically wounded, two seriously. Apparently terrorist stabbed first Border Guard, grabbed his weapon and shot another. Unclear if the 3rd Border Guard was stabbed or shot. Details still sketchy. Terrorist finally shot and killed.

10:29 am Saturday: Palestinian terrorist stabs two Jews on Prophets Street (near the Damascus Gate) in Jerusalem. The terrorist was shot and killed. Two victims in “moderate condition.”

28 Tishrei 5776


12 pm Sunday, October 11 2015

***Thus far today there have been more than 20 Palestinian terror attacks ranging from detonating car bombs to throwing “rocks” to attempting stabbing attacks.


It was just a week ago that your humble servant posed the horrific question:  “how long will it be before a Palestinian suicide bomber strikes?'”

That was answered this morning when a traffic policeman noticed a suspicious vehicle being driven by a Palestinian woman on Road 437 between Ma’ale Adumim and the Al-Zaim checkpoint.

When he ordered the car to pull over, the woman yelled “Allahu Akbar” and detonated gas cannisters in her car wired to blow up. In the ensuing fireball, the would-be suicide bomber (a 31-year-old from Jericho) unfortunately survived–with burns over 90% of her body. The policeman also suffered burns to his face and torso.

Sgt. Moshe Chen--who stopped the terrorist in the hospital with burns to his face and body..

Sgt. Moshe Chen–who stopped the terrorist– in the hospital with burns to his face and body..

Who knows where the Palestinian terrorist was headed when she was spotted by the policeman? And how many Israelis she could have killed?

It was just yesterday that your humble servant went to great lengths to point out how absurdly easy it is for Hamas terrorists from Gaza to stroll across the border at Nahal Oz.

And in the same blog, we pointed out the untenable position that the group of IDF soldiers stationed there are in, undermanned and handcuffed by the absurd IDF rules of engagement.

Well guess what happened following the riots this morning? Apparently (no one knows for sure how many) 30 terrorists waltzed across the border and infiltrated Kissufim. 

They found their way into an armory on the kibbutz and stole 6 M16s–and are now (as of 12 pm) somewhere in the area taking potshots at Israeli men, women, and children.

Your humble servant wishes he could claim that he has a magic crystal ball or is unusually prescient, but the truth is that any kindergartner can see what is happening in this country and can predict the future.

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