Netanyahu: The Arab Peace Initiative is a Non-Starter

7 Sivan 5776

Monday, June 13 2016


UPDATES 6 pm Israel time:

…5 hours of Palestinian terror yesterday…

At 7:27 pm last night, Palestinian terrorists assaulted Israelis with “rocks” and Molotov firebombs at IDF soldiers just outside of Fawwar near Hevron.

During the next two hours, Israelis were attacked at Tur, Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, Silwan, and Elias.

At 9:59 pm, a woman was wounded when her car was hit by “rocks” thrown by terrorists just north of Kiryat Arba.

From 9:59 pm until midnight, there were more attacks at Ofra, Issawiya, Shuafat, Hevron, at Government House in Jerusalem.

At 12:20 am, three Israelis were wounded when the bus on Line 3 in Jerusalem (which goes to and from the Kotel) was smashed by “rocks.” All three had  to be rushed to Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus for treatment.

…Political correctness strikes again…

A mere 4 days after the horrific shooting in Tel Aviv, the IDF COGAT unit decided today to lift many of the restrictions around Yatta, the Palestinian town from which the terrorists came.

The checkpoints will remain, but everyone will be allowed through except for people aged 18-25.

Why? COGAT says the lifting of the restrictions “will allow Palestinians to breathe.”

So do we have this correct? The IDF General Command wants the poor Palestinians to breathe, but is willing to risk the lives of Israeli men, women, and children to let them do so?

One thing we know for sure: it will not be long until the poor Palestinians in Yatta send more terrorists out to kill us.

…A drop in the bucket…

27 illegal Palestinians were arrested in Tel Aviv overnight. This is nothing more than a sop to the Israeli public in a situation in which there are somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 illegal Palestinians in the country.

…Where are Israelis traveling?…

It is simply astonishing how much Israelis love to travel.

According to statistics from the Israel Airports Authority, during the first five months of this year:

483,000 Israelis traveled to Turkey. Many Israelis stopped their to vacation; others traveled onward on Turkish and Pegasus Airlines.

477,000 Israelis flew to JFK, La Guardia, and Newark–all in the New York area.

378,000 Israelis went to Heathrow and Gatwick airports which serve London.

334,000 Israelis journeyed to Moscow.

263,000 Israelis headed to Rome.

In fact, every destination saw an increase in the number Israelis visiting, and every airline increased its number of passengers flown.

During these five months,  more than 2,000,000 Israelis flew on El Al Airlines–this constituted 35% of the total number of passengers.


Several times in the last month we have blogged about how the world misread PM Netanyahu’s recent statement about the Saudi (Arab) Peace Initiative of 2002.

Anyone paying attention to Netanyahu’s words would have read that he said that the Initiative must be updated for it to be used as a basis for talks.

About the only people paying attention were the Saudis, who immediately declared that no updates or adjustments to the Initiative are needed.

In any case, Netanyahu drove the point home this morning at a meeting of the Likud Knesset legislators:

“If the Arab states understand that they need to update the Arab Peace Initiative according to the changes that Israel  demands, we will then talk about it. But if they will bring the 2002 initiative, and say “Take it or leave”, we will “leave it. “

Even more specifically, Netanyahu said that Israel will not agree to:

*a withdrawal to the 1967 borders in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem

*a withdrawal from the Golan Heights

*a settlement of the Palestinian “refugee” issue which recognizes a right of Palestinian return to Israel or the settlement of so-called “refugees” in Israel

Well said Bibi.

Your humble servant could not agree more.





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