Toward A New Vocabulary Of Islamic Terror

8 Sivan 5776

Tuesday, June 14 2016


UPDATES 6 pm Israel time:

…Palestinian terror yesterday…

A number of Israelis were wounded when attacked by terrorists throwing “rocks” and Molotovs firebombs. Some of those attacks occurred at Ras al-Amud, Bethany, Hawara, Malik, Efrat, Silwan, Hizma, Beit Furik, and Deir Abu Mashal.

Also there was a terrorist Molotov attack at the IDF base at Hazor. The security fence around the base was set ablaze, but no Israelis were wounded.

…No end to outrageous accusations…

A lawsuit asking for $34.5 billion from a vast array of individuals (who supposedly have “interest” in Judea and Samaria) such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Irving Moskowitz, and John Hagee has been filed in a U.S. Federal Court.

Your humble servant would not even stoop to mention this suit were it not for the fact that a federal judge allowed the case to continue yesterday (a new trial date in October was set)–and were it not for the fact that the plaintiffs are using information provided by the abominable organizations B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence to support their fraud.

That fraudulent information alleges that IDF soldiers rape Muslim women, delay ambulances at checkpoints so that the patients being carried to Israeli hospitals will die, poison the wells of Palestinian settlements denying them of water, use Palestinians for target practice, and pour alcohol on Palestinian women to defile them.

It is a anti-Semitic litany of every fraud that the Palestinians have been perpetuating and disseminating for decades. 

…A remarkable event at the United Nations…

In an astonishing development yesterday, the U.N. voted yesterday to name Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon as the head of the U.N.’s Legal Committee.

Just how remarkable it is can be measured by the fact this is the first time that an Israeli has been been named head of a permanent U.N. committee since Israel first joined the organization in 1949.

And by the fact that the Palestinian Ambassador, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (led by Iran) waged a desperate campaign to deny Danon the post.


The terror events in France this morning and in Orlando two days ago have brought with them hundreds of pundits expounding all sorts of idiocy in the media.

As your humble servant was reading, listening, and watching today, a number of phrases and sentences struck me as being absurd.

Today’s blog is written in hopes of changing the vocabulary of terror.

Absurd Phrases Your Humble Servant Is Tired Of Hearing

1. “radical Islam”:

There is no such thing as “radical Islam.” There is just Islam. The terror that Muslim terrorists carry out everyday is virtually the same as the terror that Mohammed and his legions carried out 1400 years ago on the Arabian peninsula.

2. “self-radicalization:

There is no such thing as self-radicalization. Take the supposedly “self-radicalized” Orlando Muslim terrorist. Here is a person whose family came to America from Afghanistan, and yet his father is well known in the social media for supporting the Taliban, Shariah Law, and hatred against gays.

More than this the terrorist attended a mosque which is virulently anti-Western where he met a man who went to Syria and became a suicide bomber. And what are we to say about his two trips to Saudi Arabia?

Self-radicalized? The Orlando Muslim terrorist was raised from birth to be exactly what he was. 

3. “the holy month of Ramadan”:

Please refer to our israelstreet blog two days ago.

4. “lone wolf”:

This idiotic phrase is used to hide the fact that Islam itself produced the terrorist, and that Muslim terror organizations such as IS have a far-flung terror network to which many Muslims subscribe.

The problems are that no one wants to connect the dots–and leaders like Barack Obama actively work to disconnect the dots.

5. “Islam is a religion of peace”:

One of President Obama’s favorite lines, this sentence is absurd on its face. It is estimated that Muslims have killed more 250 million people on the planet since Islam was founded some 1400 years ago. That’s an average of about 200,000 per year.

And this year is no different.

6. “We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with the people perverting Islam”:

This line is again one of President Obama’s favorites–along with every other leader in the West.  Aside from the sheer arrogance of a non-Muslim telling Muslims about perverting Islam, the simple fact is that no perversion is taking place. Islam is Islam, and Islam has not changed for 1400 years. 

7. “extremists committing crimes in the name of Islam”:

This is just a rewording of number 6. Islam encourages the crimes that its members carry out. A more correct phrase would simply be: “Muslims committing crimes in the name of Islam.”

8. “The terrorists do not speak for a billion Muslims”:

Sure they do–and again, what malevolent arrogance to suggest that they do not. Does anyone seriously believe that Muslim communities around the world did not rejoice when the Orlando shooter slaughtered gays, or when the Charlie Hebdo staff was murdered, or when . . .

That’s enough for today. More tomorrow . . .


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