Sordid Anti-Semitism at the European Parliament

18 Sivan 5776

Friday, June 25 2016



UPDATES 7:00 am Israel Time

…Palestinian terrorism yesterday…

Palestinian arsonists were busy at work last night attacking the Jewish community of Anatot (1o:55 pm)  where a fire broke out following a Molotov attack, Kibbutz Migdal Oz where Molotovs produced another fire (10:13 pm), and at other locations in the Benjamin region where Molotovs set different community security fences ablaze.

Meanwhile, there were at least 20 more “rock” assaults at such places as Zeita, Sharqiya, Hawara, Michmas, and on the Gush Etzion road near Hevron where a bus had its passengers traumatized and its windows shattered.

. . . The question of the morning . . .

What bombs are the Russians dropping on Aleppo? As the Syrian conflict intensified yesterday, so did the Russian aerial bombardment.

An entire neighborhood of the city, with all the inhabitants in it, was incinerated yesterday by what observers on the ground believe was a gigantic white phosphorous cluster bomb:

What exactly was this bomb dropped yesterday?

What exactly was this bomb dropped yesterday?

In other parts of Aleppo, Hezbollah had another bad day, posting these pictures of fighters killed:

The Hezbollah death toll continues to mount.

The Hezbollah death toll continues to mount.

…Even though the summer has just begun…

Statistical predictions for winter weather have just been published. And they show . . . hold your breath . . . that the Israeli winter will be warmer and drier than usual–though your hunble servant is beginning to wonder what is “usual.”

January is expected to be particularly warm.

…Moshe Ya’alon, Ehud Barak, and Yitzhak Herzog…

What do these three self-professed “luminaries” have in common? They were all cited approvingly yesterday at the European Union by Mahmoud Abbas (see Today’s Blog) for calling Israel a state on the verge of fascism.

Every time Ya’alon, Barak, and Herzog open their mouths these days, they give succor to our enemies by denigrating this country.

How low they have fallen.


The years were 1346-51.

The Black Plague was sweeping across Europe.

In numerous locations, Jews were accused of committing mass murder by poisoning wells and causing the plague.

In February 1349, the Christian citizens of Strasbourg tortured and then burned alive more than 2000 Jews. In August 1349, all of the Jewish children, women, and men in the Jewish communities of Mainz and Cologne were slaughtered. By 1351, Jewish life in central Europe had been decimated with more than 60 large and 150 smaller communities wiped out.

Fast forward to June 23, 2016.

To a location, Brussels, which is a mere 273 miles (440 kilometers) from where the Jews were burned alive in Strasbourg.

The same basic European location. And the same anti-Semitic accusations.

Speaking at the European Parliament, the head of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, took the rostrum to the cheers of the European delegates.

Taking a page from the anti-Semitic playbook of the Christian Middle Ages, Abbas the anti-Semite accused Israeli Jews of poisoning the wells of Palestinians and committing mass murder.

The Europeans responded to Abbas’ malevolent anti-Semitism by erupting in applause and giving Abbas a standing ovation.

1346 to 2016.

Nothing has changed except that the Christian population of Europe is quickly becoming the Christian-Muslim population of Europe.

And, oh yes, there is now a country of Israel where Jews can find refuge and freedom from the kind of anti-Semitic outrage that we heard yesterday. 


What is the old cliche?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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