The Reconciliation Agreement: Turkish Delight

20 Sivan 5776

Sunday, June 27 2016


Blog synopsis: Turkey is obviously delighted at the outcome of the Turkish-Israeli reconciliation negotiations. Israel has little to be happy about.

UPDATES 5:00 am Israel Time

…Palestinian terrorism in the last 24 hours…

From morning to night, terrorists attacked Israelis throughout Judea, Samaria,and eastern Jerusalem. None of the following attacks was reported in the mainstream Israeli media or international media.

Terrorists firebombed cars carrying children, women, and men near the Al-Khader Junction in Gush Etzion and at the checkpoint beside Hizma. Other Molotovs were thrown at the IDF observation point just outside of Negohot on Mt. Hevron and at Zeita in Samaria.

“Rock” attacks took place all along Roads 443 and 437 especially on the sections of road near Modi’in and the Benjamin checkpoint. Numerous Israelis were wounded and traumatized. More such attacks took place on the Mt. of Olives and at Yatta in the Hevron Hills.

Other terrorists assaulted Border Police near Abu Dis with IEDs.

…Oops, I really didn’t mean to say that…

Has Mahmoud Abbas ever been more disingenuous? It was darkly amusing to watch his office (note not him personally) apologize yesterday for the “Jews are committing mass murder by poisoning our wells” lie he declared during his speech to the European Parliament a few days ago (see here).

As of last night, Abbas’ office released pr, in English, that said that Abbas now knows that the lie is a lie and that no poisoning of wells has ever taken place. More than this, the great Abbas also let it be known that he never had any intention of “harming the Jewish people.”

Of course, Abbas will go out and repeat the same lie this afternoon, in Arabic.

…The Judean and Samarian facts of the day…

Today we begin a new feature on israelstreet. Every day, your humble servant will give you some facts about Judea and Samaria that you may not know–and one that you can use it your “discussions” with Israel bashers.

As you know, Israel is often accused of stealing water from the Palestinians.

Two facts:

1. In 1967, when Israel reclaimed its ancient homeland, only 4 out of 708 Palestinian towns and settlements had running water. Today, more than 675 do. 96% of the Palestinian population of Judea and Samaria live in those 675 areas.

2. In 1967, the water supply available to Palestinians amounted to 64 million cu meters per year. That figure has now more than doubled to 140 million cu meters per year. Why the increase? Because of the network of pipes that Israel built to provide water to the Palestinians–a network that the Palestinians adamantly refuse to maintain.


The signing of the reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey–which was thought to take place today–has been postponed until next month. The postponement is apparently necessary because of Article 5 below. Nevertheless, both sides have agreed to have their “political-security cabinets” initial the agreement this Wednesday.

And what is in the agreement?

As reported in the Israel media this morning, here are the 7 articles along with your humble servant’s comments in brackets [      ]:

1. Israel and Turkey will fully normalize relations with an exchange of ambassadors, mutual visits, and a pledge not to act against each other in the United Nations and in NATO.

[If anyone really believes that Turkey will not continue to act against Israel in every venue possible, then they do not know Turkish PM Erdogan. Erdogan has built his entire political career on his hatred of Israel–a hatred that has Islam at its root. It is worthwhile noting that it was Erdogan who approved and outfitted the Mavi Marmara with IHH terrorists in the first place.]

2. Israel will maintain its maritime blockade of Gaza, but will permit Turkey to transport “humanitarian aid” through the port here in Ashdod. In addition, Israel will permit Turkey to build a hospital, power plant, and water desalination facility in Gaza (the latter being done in conjunction with Germany).

[Israel has permitted Turkey to transport “humanitarian aid” through Ashdod for at least half a decade. You may remember that some of that “humanitarian aid” during the Gaza War in 2014 included “flour barrels” full of hundreds of thousands of ball bearings to be placed into Hamas missiles to blow Israeli men, women, and children to pieces (see picture here). The hospital has been under construction for two years now–and the power plant and desalination facility are all part of the new “island complex” already reported on in this blog.]

3. Turkey promises to use its influence with Hamas to try to bring about the return of the body parts of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin (both killed in the Gaza War of 2014) and the mentally ill Abraham Mengistu who voluntarily walked across the Gaza border several years ago.

[In other words, no body parts will be returned nor will Mengistu.]

4.  Israel will create a $21 million dollar fund to pay the families of the IHH terrorists who were killed or wounded on board the Mavi Marmara as they attempted to kill IDF soldiers.

[This is simply an unprecedented outrage.

This IDF soldier was critically wounded--and is now disabled--after he was beaten by Turkish terroists with iron bars, stabbed, and pushed head first off an upper deck of the Mavi Marmara.

This IDF soldier was critically wounded–and is now disabled–after he was beaten by Turkish terrorists with iron bars, stabbed, and pushed head first off an upper deck of the Mavi Marmara.

When and where have you ever seen a country whose soldiers were brutally attacked by terrorists compensate the families of the terrorists? And what about the two IDF soldiers who were grievously wounded–and are now classified as “disabled”? Where is the Turkish compensation for their wounds?]

5. Turkey will drop the legal cases against IDF soldiers involved in the Mavi Marmara incident.

[In case anyone has forgotten, there is no legal case against the IDF soldiers that would stand up in any court in the world, except ones in Turkey, etc. Numerous international entities have issued opinions that the IDF boarding of the Mavi Marmara was in complete accordance with international law.] 

6. Turkey will not permit Hamas to operate against Israel from Turkish territory. On the other hand, Hamas offices in Turkey will not be closed although the mastermind (Salah Al-Arouri) of the murder of Israeli teenagers Naftali Frankel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach, will not be permitted to return to Turkey from his current hideout in the Sudan.

[Erdogan’s rise to power took place hand in hand with his embrace of Hamas. He would no more enforce strictures against Hamas than he would give President Sisi of Egypt a kiss this morning.]

7. Israel and Turkey will resume security and intelligence cooperation.

[Which country do you think stands to gain the most from this cooperation? If you said “Turkey”, then you can get in on the resumption of drone sales to Turkey that will be part of this “cooperation.” By the way, two of the chief losers in the Turkish-Israeli rapprochement are the Kurds against whom Turkey will now intensify their attacks with Israeli cooperation, and the Egyptians who have done their best to isolate the terrorists in Gaza.]

8. Israel and Turkey will begin negotiations to build a gas pipeline from Israel’s offshore gas reserves to Turkey. Turkey will “express an interest” in purchasing Israeli natural gas for resale into Europe.

[On the face of things, this seems like a good deal for Israel. But it is deeply problematic at best. Not only will Turkey be able to hold Israel captive by turning off the tap any time it wants to, but also pipelines are notoriously easy targets for terrorists (just look at what has repeatedly happened to the Egyptian-Israeli pipeline in the Sinai).

On a final note, your humble servant can hardly wait for the terrorist Erdogan to stage his victory parade through Gaza in the coming months. With Hamas terrorist Ismail Haniyeh on one side and PLO terrorist Mahmoud Abbas on the other, it should be a grand terrorist spectacle. 



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