Kids in Southern Israel on the Front Lines

23 Sivan 5776

Wednesday, June 29 2016


UPDATES 7:00 am Israel Time

–>The news you won’t read elsewhere: Palestinian terrorism yesterday.

“Rocks”, riots, Molotovs, pipe bombs, shootings: Israelis have experienced all of these in the last 24 hours.

The most egregious of these: at the Kotel (Western Wall) where a 73 year old woman was hit in the head by a “rock” thrown from the Temple Mount above (she remains in the hospital this morning); in Samaria where a Border Guard contingent came under attack from pipe bombs; and, on Road 443 where a woman driving with her children had her car hit by a hail of gunfire (amazingly, she was able to drive to a checkpoint and neither she nor her children were wounded).

–>Three terror cells have been uncovered.

Operating out of Beit Fajjar, the terrorists have been carrying out attacks on Migdal Oz using guns, “rocks”, and Molotovs.

19 terrorists were captured.

–>There’s no such thing as “Muslim terror.”

No matter that the White House and Hilary Clinton are malevolent dissemblers, at least they are consistent.

As the death toll from yesterday’s attack by Muslim terrorists at Turkey’s Ataturk Airport reaches nearly 50, the White House and presidential candidate Hilary Clinton remain steadfast in their refusal to call a Muslim a Muslim.

The White House statement condemning the attack is nothing more than “pablumic” mush spooned down with phrases such as “heinous terrorist attack”, “appears to have killed and injured dozens”, [Ataturk Airport] “is a symbol of international connections and the ties that bind us”, “our deepest condolences”, etc, etc.

The words “Muslim”, “Islam”, “Islamist”, and “Islamic” do not appear.

Neither do they appear in Clinton’s press release though she does manage to squeeze out the term “radical jihadism” one time.  But her focus is on “this campaign of hatred and violence” and the “heroic police”–the same sort of drivel she used to describe what happened in Orlando a few weeks ago. One half expects Clinton to blame what happened yesterday on the NRA gun lobby in the United States— if only the terrorists hadn’t had guns.  

–> Just released information reveals that 10 Pakistani nationals traveling on British passports were detained by Shin Bet in Ben Gurion airport three days ago.

Subsequent questioning exposed that they were in Israel in order to go to the Temple Mount fight against Israelis.

7 of the 10 were immediately deported; 3 who self-identified themselves as “clergy” were held in custody. This morning, it has been announced that one of the three is being deported, and the other two will remain in detention for the time being.

–>As for the Temple Mount, Israel remains hostage to Palestinian terrorists.

The announcement yesterday that the terrorists “had forced” the incompetent Jerusalem Police to close down the entire Mount to Jews for the remainder of Ramadan was just one more example of how fear of Muslims now permeates our entire government.

Instead of shutting down the Mount to Jews, why not just shut it down to Muslim terrorists?

–>The Turkish Reconciliation Agreement has seemingly run into troubled waters.

With Education Minister Naftali Bennett, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman leading the charge against it, the vote today in the Security Cabinet is not as certain as it once was.

What particularly rankles Israelis are the $21 million dollar payment to the terrorist families and the fact that the body parts of two of our soldiers are not being released by Hamas.

Nevertheless, the Agreement is being presented as a fait accompli by Netanyahu, and my guess is that when all is said and done, the Cabinet will sign on.

–>New immigrants to Israel keep pouring in.

82 French immigrants (including 40 children) from the Paris area arrived at Ben Gurion yesterday, brought here by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s Friendship Fund. Upon arrival, they stated that their main reasons for coming to Israel are the increasing anti-Semitism in France and the ability of their children to lead full Jewish lives. They will be living in Netanya, Jerusalem, and Ashkelon.

Today, 260 more immigrants are arriving–mainly from the Ukraine.


One group of teenaged volunteers. How are they spending their summer?

One group of teenaged volunteers. How are they spending their summer?

It is hard to imagine the pressure cooker that is Israel. Yesterday, within the space of about six hours, we had:

*IDF predictions that the next war with Hezbollah would result in all major Israeli cities being hit by hundreds of missiles–missiles vastly more powerful and accurate than Hezbollah has ever had before.

*IDF predictions that the next war with Hamas in Gaza would be marked by “100-man” terrorist assaults from heretofore unfound terrorist tunnels.

*Shin Bet announcements (mentioned above) about the three terror cells discovered in Beit Fajjar and the plot uncovered at Ben Gurion Airport.

*Continued incitement from Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO–in which one of Abbas’ most senior advisers declared that if “I see an Israeli I would slit his throat.”

And on, and on, and on.

It’s bad enough if you are an adult and you hear this constant drumbeat of possible terror (and see it on a daily basis as well), but what about if you are a child or a teenager? What is the effect on our younger generation? Wouldn’t they just want to burrow their heads in the sand and hide from reality.

Not here in Israel.

Yesterday, your humble servant was struck by a story that described a program that begins this week here in southern Israel.

The Home Front Command in conjunction with the Negev Department of Social Services and the Area’s regional councils has begun training the local population about how to deal with civilian war-related emergencies.

And leading the way will be youth volunteers from the South whose main mission will be training the elderly (persons who have motion-difficulty in getting to sheltered areas in the event of missile attacks, training children how to deal with anxiety, and training the general population about how to evacuate communities in case of massive missile attacks.

All of this being led by teenagers without compensationteenagers who are using their summer vacations to help the people in their communities.

Tamir Idan, the head of the Sdot Regional Council, sums it up very well:

“I am very proud of our youth joining this important and unique project during their summer vacation and demonstrating mutual responsibility and community service. 

So is your humble servant.

Kolakevod to the kids of the South!


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