“Don’t neutralize terrorism–crush it!”

25 Sivan 5776

Friday, July 1 2016


UPDATES AND TODAY’S BLOG (8 am Israel time):

Yesterday was the kind of day that leaves your humble servant shaking his head at the utter impotence of our government in dealing with Palestinian terrorism.

It is almost impossible to imagine the savagery that took place in that bedroom in Kiryat Arba.

13-year-old Hallal Yaffa Ariel was asleep in her bed, exhausted from a dance performance she had participated in the night before in Jerusalem. A Palestinian terrorist climbed over the community security fence setting off an alarm, but then managed to climb in Hallal’s bedroom window, go straight to her bed, and stab her “dozens of times.”

Dozens of times.

What seasoned first responders found when they finally reached the bedroom startled even them. One of them remarked about how “there was blood everywhere: on the floor, in the bed, everything was covered in blood.”

Including Hallal. Drenched in her own blood, Hallal lay on the floor with no pulse.

Paramedics were able to briefly resuscitate her and fought to keep her alive on the ride to Sha’are Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. Tragically, she was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival.

Almost immediately, we heard from the terrorist’s mother who made a nauseating statement so reminiscent of those of other Palestinian mothers whose sons and daughters murdered Israeli children:

“My son is a hero. He died as a martyr defending Jerusalem and the al-Aksa Mosque. Praise be to God, he is united with the martyrs before him . . . God willing, all of them will follow this path, all the youth of Palestine.”

Raised to believe in a heroic death, raised to be a religious martyr, incited to believe that he was defending Jerusalem and Al-Aksa, and raised to believe that he would be united with other “martyrs” in heaven where he would receive his 72 virgins, the terrorist’s entire life was consumed with “the ecstasy of death.”

This blood-crazed savage was the direct end product of a sick and perverted society and family consumed with hatred.

At the funeral yesterday, a sobbing Rena Ariel, Hallal’s mother, hugged her daughter’s shroud-covered body, and then raised a hand to the sky.

fingerto sky

Shaking with anger, she said:

“I am standing here with a heart filled with pain and I am turning to you, the Arab mother, the Muslim who sent your son out to stab. I raised my daughter with love, but you and the Arab Muslim educators, you taught your son to hate.”

PM Netanyahu issued a statement last night that was so insipid as to be disgusting. He implored the world to see how the PLO and Hamas are inciting their children to hatred. He urged Mahmoud Abbas to stop the incitement pouring out of Ramallah. He called for Israelis to remain united in the face of such terror–and to realize that he and the IDF will do everything to quell the terror. He announced that the town from which the terrorist came would be closed, the work permits of his family would be canceled, and the home of the terrorist would be destroyed.

More hollow words were never spoken.

Hasn’t the time to come to stop imploring the world to see what is going on with the PLO and Hamas?

Hasn’t the time come to stop demanding that Abbas stop the incitement?

Isn’t it time for the IDF to stop making half-hearted gestures against terrorism?

We all know that the world doesn’t care what the PLO and Hamas say, that Abbas will never stop incitement, and that COGAT will take down the blockades in a few days, restore the permits, and that the Supreme Court will block demolition of the house.

How is it possible in this country that 13-year-old Hallal Ariel is stabbed dozens of times in her bed and dies, and all the government can do is say that we should all “hang together”?

How is it possible that the PLO puts up pictures on the PLO official website of Hallal Ariel and her family visiting the Temple Mount with the caption that they were “attacking the Al Aksa Mosque and deserved to die”–and the Israeli government decides yesterday to pay to bus even more Muslims to the Mount?

How is it that a terrorist stabs 2 Israelis in downtown Netanya last night and the police struggle to call what happened a “terrorist” attack?

How is it that a woman riding on a bus yesterday near Rahat is wounded when hit by a “rock”–in exactly the same place on the road, on exactly the same bus, where another woman was wounded yesterday?

How it it that a soldier was wounded when his patrol came under fire in Tel Ares late last night–and no one is able to track down the perpetrators because of rules of engagement?

How is it possible in this country that Molotov firebombs were thrown at police in Issawiya, that “rocks” struck motorists (for the thousandth time) on Road 443 near the Dor Alon gas station, and that riots took place from Bethlehem to Nir Nabala?

How is it possible that the situation has gotten so out of control?

Why doesn’t our government understand that the Palestinians do not want peace? Why doesn’t our government understand that every time we offer an olive branch, one of our children is slaughtered? Why doesn’t our government understand that every concession we make to the PLO and Hamas leads immediately to our citizens being killed?

There was only one person yesterday who seemed to grasp the situation. It happens to be the person your humble servant voted for in the last election, Baruch Marzel. A resident of Hevron, here’s what Marzel said:

“The state’s policies have failed. This is a classic example of passive defense: ‘smart’ fences, guards, security cameras– but in the moment of truth they don’t stand up to the test. The only way to prevent these attacks is to attack, destroy, eliminate, and uproot the terror. Don’t neutralize terrorism – crush it. We think the time has come to stop being defensive.”

Marzel could not be more correct.

It is time to crush the terrorists.

We end the blog today with Rena Ariel’s heartbreaking words at the gravesite:

“How do you eulogize a 13-and-a-half-year-old girl. Tell me what words to use to eulogize a flower, a pure soul, who is courageous and beautiful. G_d, You gave me a present and now I am returning it to you. Take her. Hug her, because I will never again be able to touch her again. Make room for her, so she can dance.”

Hillel-Yaffa Ariel. May she rest in peace.

Hillel-Yaffa Ariel (2003-2016).

Hallal Yaffa Ariel, daughter of Israel, may your memory always be blessed.

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