The Palestinians Join Forces With “Black Lives Matter”

4 Tammuz 5776

Sunday, July 10 2016


UPDATES 9 am Israel time

Palestinian terror unreported by the mainstream media yesterday

There were more than 20 Palestinian terror attacks.

Palestinian terrorists in a car opened fire on an Israeli vehicle near Tekoa in Gush Etzion just before 11:00 pm last night. The driver of the car was wounded and evacuated to Sha’are Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem; the terrorists escaped. IDF forces have surrounded the nearby Palestinian settlement of Sair.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis with Molotov firebombs at numerous places including El Arub, Gurevitch, and Adorayem.

Palestinian terrorists attacked Israelis with “rocks” at numerous places such as at Hizma (a bus), Al Fawwar (car), and Mt. Hebron.

There was a suspected Palestinian infiltration at the Jewish community of Karni Shomron overnight. A lockdown of the community and subsequent search turned up a major hole cut into the community security perimeter fence.

…Can you believe this?…

A Palestinian spokesman announced yesterday that undercover PLO “police” will now begin operating throughout Judea and Samariaincluding Area C which is supposed to be under full Israeli control.

According to the spokesman, the purpose of the undercover “police” will be “law enforcement and collection of illegal weapons.”

It is one thing for the PLO to police its own areas–but to police Israeli areas? What kind of abnegation of sovereignty is this?

And how long will it be until undercover Palestinian “police” become undercover Palestinian terrorists?

Not long.


A banner that appeared at a Black Lives Matter march last year.

A banner that appeared at a Black Lives Matter march last year.

Your humble servant is usually loath to report on events in the United States. However, a Facebook post appeared last night that deserves comment.

The post came from the “Students for Justice in Palestine” and comes in the wake of the murders of 5 white police officers in Dallas by an African-American man, and two more incidents of white policemen shooting African-American men:

Source: Students for Justice in Palestine.

Source: Students for Justice in Palestine.

This egregious statement does not need parsing, nor is it surprising in the context of what has been going on in the United States.

But let’s focus on the main sentence:

“The same forces behind the genocide of black people in america (sic) are behind the genocide of palestinians.”

And, according to the SJP, who are those forces?



Never mind that there is no genocide of African-Americans in the United States or Palestinians in Israel.

Never mind that the crime rate among African-Americans and black on black violence is soaring.

Never mind that the terrorism among Palestinians is surging and Palestinian on Palestinian violence is soaring.

To hear the SJP tell it, the only thing that is important is that both groups are victims.

Victims of Israelis.

Victims of Jews.

This mantra of vicious anti-Semitism has become the norm on university campuses and in cities across America.

In the past year, your humble servant has attended an event at UC-Davis in northern California at which an Israeli-Arab speaker was shouted down by the combined forces of African-Americans chanting “Black Lives Matter” and SJP members shouting “Free Palestine.” 

Similarly, your humble servant has led pro-Israel demonstrations in which the opposing forces were again those representing “Black Lives Matter” and “Free Palestine.”

On a larger stage, the same forces were at work during the last few days at the Democratic National Platform Committee where a leading proponent of Black Lives Matter, Cornel West, and a leading anti-Israel basher, James Zogby worked long and hard to have a paragraph about Israel’s “end to occupations and illegal settlements” added to the upcoming Democratic platform.

James Zogby and Cornel West, birds of an anti-Israel feather.

James Zogby and Cornel West, birds of an anti-Israel feather.

They failed in a fairly narrow vote of 95-73 which elicited a chorus of boos and expletives from those in the crowd who supported the addition (more on this vote in tomorrow’s blog).

What is the bottom line today?

The ongoing Palestinian attempt to recruit all self-professed “victimized” minorities to the Palestinian cause should be cause for concern in the pro-Israel community, and we ignore it at our own peril.    

Of course, black lives matter, but so do Israeli lives.

*Addendum. The mainstream media has devoted almost no reportage whatsoever to another facet of the Dallas shootings–namely the Muslim connections of the shooter and those arrested (click here to read more).




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