A Rogues’ Gallery: Quotes of the Day

11 Tammuz 5776

Sunday, July 17 2016


UPDATES 9 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

*Terrorists opened fire at the Jewish community of Kochav Yaakov. No one was wounded, and the terrorists escaped.

*Terrorists threw Molotov firebombs at Israeli police in Shuafat.

*Terrorists threw “rocks” at Israeli motorists near Ofra and at Ein al-Lohse.

…”Jews Against Violence”?…

It is now being reported that over the weekend, a group of U.S. “humanitarian activists” disguised as tourists sneaked into a closed military zone in the Tel Rumeida section of Hevron.

Once there, they took over a house which has been declared “off-limits” by the IDF following an order by the Israel Supreme Court. When the IDF showed up to remove them, some of the group pulled out cameras while others attempted to provoke the soldiers.

However, the soldiers merely turned around and left–and the “humanitarians” were eventually removed by the Israeli police.



Mounir Anastas, Palestinian “Ambassador” to UNESCO

Commenting privately on why the latest fraudulent resolution before UNESCO concerning the Temple Mount does not recognize any Jewish connection to the holiest place in Judaism:

“If we (the Palestinians) and the Jordanians recognize the Jewish right to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Mahmound Abbas and King Abdullah would become the number one targets of Islamic State.”

[And of course, if they recognized Israel as a Jewish state. This is the new excuse for the decades long attempt to usurp Jewish history and pretend like Jews were never in this land.]

Bernard Cazeneuve, French Interior Minister

“There is no proven link between the killer in Nice and radical Islam; we have no reason to believe he was radicalized.”

[Except of course for the fact that he murdered 84 people and wired more than $100,000 to his family in Tunis before carrying out the attack–money that he presumably got from IS which has taken credit for the murders.]

Monica Speer, Green Party member in Canada

Commenting on the Holocaust:

“Nazis wanted Jews to be healthy. Otherwise, they would not have been able to work. The camps were actually weapons manufacturing plants. What sense would it have made to have a hospital in a death camp? . . . There were no gas chambers. The gas was only used to kill the lice. The lice carried the typhus, which was fatal and spread quickly. Therefore, they were required to disinfect their clothes in order to maintain the health of the people. The Holocaust was a lie.”

[Holocaust denial and anti-Israel fervor always go hand in hand. What is interesting is how this is rearing its ugly head in Green Parties throughout Europe and the Americas.]

Anna Zalewska, Polish Education Minister

Commenting on the 1941 Jedwabne massacre in which Poles burned more than 340 Jews alive in a barn (brought to public attention by the book “Neighbors” authored by Jan Tomasz Gross),  and the Kielce massacre in 1946 in which Poles murdered  42 Jews:

“Jedwabne is a historical fact that has led to many misunderstandings and biased opinions . . . The Gross book is full of lies . . . [As for Kielce] the perpetrators were anti-Semites but not quite Polish.”

[Misunderstandings? Biased opinions? Not quite Polish? Enough said.]

Assaf Greenbaum, Israel Channel 2 News Editor and card-carrying Israeli leftist

Commenting on Facebook about the supposed “coup” in Turkey:


It would be good if the same thing could happen here.”

[When Greenbaum’s post went viral here, he quickly removed it and said that it was just a joke (if it was a joke why did he remove it?). What is funny however is that the Left as personified by Greenbaum–unable to win a democratic election here–would not mind resorting to authoritarian means to get rid of the Netanyahu government.]



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