The Fiasco Over The Golan and Galilee Yesterday

12 Tammuz 5776

Monday, July 18 2016


UPDATES 8 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

*A Palestinian carrying pipe bombs and knives was captured by alert security guards as he attempted to board the Jerusalem Light Rail Train at the Yaffa St. station in downtown Jerusalem. He later admitted that he planned to blow up the train.

*A group of Jews was attacked by Arabs on King George St. in Jerusalem. A woman was injured while trying to escape.

*Palestinian terrorists threw Molotov firebombs at Har Adar (setting the community security fence on fire), at Tur (attempting to set police on fire), at Issawiya (attempting to set security forces on fire), at Efrat and Karmi Tzur (attempting to set cars with families on fire), and on Highway 60 near the Hebron Hills (also attempting to set a family on fire).

*Palestinian “rock” attacks occurred at Gilad Shomron (11:01 pm), Baisooiya (8:35 pm), Malik (7:12 pm), Shuafat (6:55 pm), Neve Yaakov (5:10 pm), Al-Ram (4:44 pm), Makel (3:53 pm), Doha (11:09 am), and numerous other places.

*Early this morning at about 2 am, there was an attempted infiltration at Shavei Shomron.

…A tragic accident or murder on Mt. Hermon yesterday?…

Sgt. 1st Class Hussam Tapesh, a 24-year-old Druze soldier from Beit Jann, and Sgt. Shlomo Rindenow, a widely beloved 20-year-old chayal boded (lone soldier) from the U.S., were killed yesterday.

Hussam Tapesh (left) and Solomon Rindenow (right). May their memories be blessed.

Hussam Tapesh (left) and Solomon Rindenow (right).

According to witnesses at the scene, a patrol jeep driven by Tapesh which was carrying several soldiers stopped at the first checkpoint on Mt. Hermon. Tapesh got out of the jeep with a grenade in his hand and began walking around the vehicle. When Tapesh’s commander started to open his door on the jeep, the grenade exploded, killing Tapesh and Rendenow who happened to be on duty manning the checkpoint.

The commander was seriously wounded, and two other soldiers in the jeep were lightly wounded.

Rindenow was remembered tearfully by his sister Yocheved yesterday: “He was always in love with Israel. He didn’t know Hebrew because he didn’t grow up here, so he came here, he taught himself Hebrew, and joined the unit he was really passionate about. I’ll never forget his smile, his laugh, and his great sense of humor.”

Rindenow will be buried in Israel today. May his memory be forever blessed. 

…A picture from a pro-Clinton, anti-Trump demonstration in Cleveland yesterday, the site of the Republican National Convention…

It is somewhat difficult to read the signs being held (to the far right "Build solidarity not walls", but not difficult to recognize the flag.

It is somewhat difficult to read the signs being held (to the far right “Build solidarity not walls”–on the far left “Black Lives Matter”), but not difficult to recognize the flag.

Yes, that’s the Palestinian flag which is increasingly showing up at anti-Trump rallies across the U.S.


What in the world happened?

In an incident not likely to inspire confidence in any Israelis, a drone aircraft penetrated Israeli airspace in the Golan Heights yesterday at about 5:00 pm and then headed toward the Galilee region where it proceeded to hover for about an hour.

The fact that our airspace was penetrated was bad enough.

But what happened next was even worse.

All attempts to shoot down the drone failed.

One of the Patriots that missed yesterday afternoon.

One of the Patriots that missed yesterday afternoon. This picture is from over Tzfat.

First, we shot two Patriot missiles at the drone. They both missed. Then we sent up an F-16 which fired an air-to-air missile at the drone. It missed.

Finally, the drone was turned around by whoever was operating it, and it returned to Syria.

The excuses for this entire fiasco have been flying fast and thick this morning.

The first is that the drone was too small (width of just over 3 meters) and flying too slow to be hit by missiles traveling at Mach 5.

The second is that the Patriots were blown up on purpose by the IAF before reaching the drone because the drone was somehow connected to Russia.

The third is that the Patriots are just notoriously unreliable.

The fourth is that it was “a stealth drone” from Iran which possesses technology to elude missiles.

The fifth is that the drone was so “primitive” that all of our advanced technology couldn’t handle it.

Finally, the IDF came out with the outrageous statement this morning that no one should worry about the misses “because whoever was operating the drone got the message and it returned to Syria.”

They got the message all right. And that message is that our vaunted Israel missile defense system is completely vulnerable as is our aerial defense in general. 

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