The Political, Cultural, and Judicial Revolution of Hotovely, Regev, and Shaked

13 Tammuz 5776

Wednesday, July 20 2016



A new citizen of Israel who arrived at Ben Gurion airport yesterday (see story below). Note what is written on her shirt. (Picture: Walla).

A new citizen of Israel who arrived at Ben Gurion airport yesterday (see story below). Note what is written on her shirt. (Picture: Walla).


Rainer Wundt, Chairman of the Police Union in Germany, answering a question from Renate Kurst of the German Green Party as to why it was necessary for policemen to kill the Afghani “refugee” on the train two days ago who was attempting to hack passengers to pieces with an axe:

“This is an idiotic question of politicians who do not have a clue. Mrs Kunst should stop seeing so many bad movies and instead realize that in police operational conditions a completely different reality prevails.  The policemen who killed the Afghan attacker acted in the most professional way, and their efforts are particularly deserving of praise . . . Those who believe that you can shoot a man in the legs and cause his axe to slip out of his hand just suffer from stupidity . . .” 

As quoted in Die Welt and on German Channel N24

By the way, how many times have the German government and others in the European Union condemned Israeli security personnel for shooting knife-wielding Palestinian terrorists?


In what has to be the funniest story of the day, it turns out that a group of left-wing “humanitarian” activists led by Haaretz columnist Peter Beinert (who has also been very active in the U.S. in J Street and other circles castigating Israel), decided to go to Hevron last Friday.

They went to an apparently abandoned field which had an abandoned factory and began a protest against the “Jewish occupation” of Hevron–singing and chanting slogans in English.  They even began handing out flyers about a new cinema that they want to open in the city.

Everything seemed to be going well until the Palestinian owner of the land happened by. He quickly became infuriated and ordered them to leave–because they were sitting on land where his sheep were supposed to graze that morning.

The group refused. They locked arms and began singing “The World is Built with Loving Kindness” in English and Hebrew.  Then the owner went to the Palestinian police and to the IDF and demanded that they throw the leftists off of his property.

When the police and IDF arrived, the leftists claimed that they were there “to clean the land” of all of its weeds and bushes whereupon the property owner ordered them to keep their hands off of his weeds and bushes because that is what his sheep eat (click here to watch a youtube of part of the incident–the white-haired irate Palestinian owner begins talking at about 23 seconds and becomes completely visible to the camera at about 45 seconds).

Finally, after the lefties had paid the owner some compensation for the “damages” they had wrought, they left.

UPDATES 8 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

*IDF forces in the Jordan Valley intercepted Palestinian terrorists attempting to smuggle weapons into Israel from Jordan.

20 pistols and 5 M16s including one with a sniper scope were among the haul.

20 pistols and 5 M16s including one with a sniper scope were among the haul.

*Palestinian terrorists carried out “rock” attacks at Jaba, on Road 443, Beit Haggai, a half a kilometer before the T-Junction on Road 443, Azun,  Makel, Adam Square, Givat Assaf, Neve Menachem, Shuafat, and numerous other places.  We do not have a MADA report on the number of Israeli men, women, and children who were physically and emotionally wounded.

*IDF forces operating on Highway 446 blocked the road and stopped a terrorist armed with a butcher knife. Somehow, the terrorist managed to escape.

…Sometimes you just want to regurgitate…

At the direction of the infamous IDF COGAT unit, the IDF removed the main checkpoint to the entrance of the Palestinian settlement of Bani Naim last night. You may remember that it was put up on June 30, the day that a resident of Bani Naim savagely butchered Hallal Yaffa Ariel in her sleep.

The IDF spokesman said that the goal of the removal was “to make life easier for the residents.”

He should have said that the goal was to make it easier for Palestinian terrorists to kill Israelis. The assault of June 30th was just the most recent in a series of murderous terrorist attacks emanating from Bani Naim. Who knows now when the next terrorist from Bani Naim will attack Israelis?

…Back to the picture of the day…

218 out of an expected 2000 new immigrants to Israel from the United States and Canada arrived at Ben Gurion airport yesterday.

Another group of North American immigrants to Israel brought by Nefesh b'Nefesh (picture: Walla).

Another group of North American immigrants to Israel brought by Nefesh b’Nefesh (picture: Walla).

And 200 more are expected to arrive from France today.

…After a protracted battle in the Knesset last night…

Legislators approved by a vote of 62-47 a new “Impeachment Law.” The law specifies that a Knesset member may be impeached and kicked out of the Knesset upon a vote of 90 members of the body. Because it is a “basic law”, it required 61 votes to pass; even a very pregnant Tzipi Hotovely had to return to the Knesset to vote.

The new Law should actually be named the Haneen Zoabi Law because it was approved with her in mind.

Zoabi who delivered a speech last week in the Knesset in which she called IDF soldiers “terrorist murderers” and who has ridden with terrorist flotillas attempting to break the Israel blockade of Gaza, will almost certainly be removed.

PM Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page afterwards:

“We end the absurd: who supports terrorism against Israel and its citizens should not serve in the Israeli Knesset. Like any democracy in the world, Israeli democracy has the right and obligation to defend itself.”


Back when the current government was formed last year, your humble servant said the three people to watch were Tzipi Hotovely who became Deputy Foreign Minister, Miri Regev who became Minister of Culture and Sport, and Ayelet Shaked who became Justice Minister.

These three women have not disappointed and have sparked nothing short of a political, cultural, and judicial revolution.

For her part, Hotovely (in the absence of a Foreign Minister) became the voice of anti-political correctness in the Foreign Ministry holding foreign governments’ feet to the fire whenever they made outrageous demands of and statements about Israel.

Regev has become the lightning rod in a major cultural realignment as she campaigns tirelessly to stop government funding of theaters, cinemas, and concerts whose programming had been taken over by “leftists” who had, for years, been putting on a steady stream of anti-Israel plays, movies, and musical programs.

Just yesterday, she was flabbergasted to turn on Army Radio and discover that poems of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish were being read–poems which do little except glorify terrorists and excoriate Israel for every imaginable and fraudulent crime under the sun.

Regev at the podium yesterday--blasting Army Radio.

Regev at the podium yesterday–blasting Army Radio.

Immediately, she issued this statement:

“Mahmoud Darwish is not an Israeli, his poems are anti-Israeli and contain values which are not those of Israeli society. We must fight Palestinian incitement that appear in textbooks and the media and not give them a stage on a publicly funded military station.”

She continued:  “It is inconceivable that the government funds a public broadcasting station that harms the feelings of our people and gives a platform to a Palestinian narrative opposes the existence of Israel as a Jewish democratic state.”

Regev then contacted Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and asked that he investigate the situation and stop items such as Darwish’s poetry from being read on Army Radio.

Whereas Regev is usually out front in effecting cultural change, Shaked has worked quietly behind the scenes to make even more profound changes in Israeli society–changes that may last for generations to come.

A committed and dedicated Zionist, Shaked is making dramatic changes in the Israeli judiciary.

A committed and dedicated Zionist, Shaked is making dramatic changes in the Israeli judiciary.

Specifically, her focus has been on the Israeli judiciary–which has long been the bastion of Israeli leftists.

Since she became Justice Minister just over a year ago, she has directed her energy toward appointing judges with a conservative judicial ideology. More than 120 such judges have already been appointed throughout the country who share her ideology of “less interference and more caution” in handing down decisions. Not only has she been instrumental in putting these judges on the bench, but also Shaked has been instrumental in keeping justices with a liberal ideology off the bench.

In the process, it may surprise you, dear reader, to know that Shaked has endeared herself to the Israeli Arab, Druze, and Ethiopian communities–all of whom are seeing more judges come from their ranks.

In the coming months, 4 new justices to the Israel Supreme Court will be chosen. Almost certainly, Shaked will make her mark there as well. We can only hope that she will move the Supreme Court away from its current meddling in every aspect of Israeli life.

In sum, Hotovely, Regev, and Shaked are three of the reasons why everyday Israelis finally believe that someone is looking out for them.



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