The Palestinian Comedy at the Arab League Yesterday

19 Tammuz 5776

Tuesday, July 26 2016


UPDATES 8 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

Terrorists attacked an IDF unit in Abu Dis with 4 IEDs; terrorists threw Molotov firebombs and ignited a large fire at Migdal Oz; terrorists threw Molotovs and “rocks” at Deir Zinam, Silwan, Basbsobah, Hizma, and elsewhere.

There were 23 reported terror events during the day.

…Mortar fire on the Israel Golan Heights…

4 mortars were fired into Israel yesterday, and the IDF retaliated by striking Syrian Army positions near Quneitra.


Foreign Minister Netanyahu before a Knesset commitee yesterday.

Foreign Minister Netanyahu before a Knesset commitee yesterday.

…Foreign Minister Netanyahu appeared before the Knesset yesterday…

Yes, let’s not forget that Netanyahu is not only Prime Minister but also Foreign Minister as well as two other Ministers.

Yesterday, he gave a wonderful presentation in which he elaborated on some of Israel’s major achievements of the last year including:

*a free trade agreement being negotiated with China

*increased exports to India

*a defense agreement with Japan

*military coordination with Russia

*a precedent-shattering trip to Africa.

Interestingly, he discussed for the first time exactly what his priorities are on the foreign front. Specifically, he said that his goal is not to engage in public relations but “to achieve strategic objectives.” To this end, Netanyahu said that one cannot measure success or failure by the number of visits to a country, changes in public opinion, or even volume of trade.

He went on to say:

“While the challenges we face remain constant, something has changed for for the better. Israel is increasingly seen in the West as an asset in two regards: in our fight against international terrorism, and in our technological capabilities . . . and what about our most important anchor–the U.S.? . . . Support for Israel is very strong . . . I believe that we will soon sign an agreement of understanding regarding security.”

…The Knesset continues producing new laws by the bushel…

Yesterday two more proposed laws passed their second and third readings–meaning that they became law.

The first law requires that local authorities build more small, 3 bedroom, apartments for young couples. How this will ever be enforced is anyone’s guess.

The second law, the Azariah Law (named for Elor Azariah, the Hevron soldier currently on trial), prohibits the publication of the name of any soldier, policeman, or Border Guard who is under investigation or at trial–until the final result of such investigation or trial is announced.

…Speaking of the Hevron soldier…

Today, Azariah is set to face his second (and perhaps last) day of cross-examination by military prosecutors.

So far, Azariah has been steadfast in declaring that he acted in self-defense and out of concern for people in the immediate area. He has roundly condemned his commanding officer for lying about what took place and the aftermath of the incident, and he has condemned the entire IDF hierarchy for “throwing him to the dogs.”

Which it/they did.

If your humble servant had to guess the outcome of the trial, he would suppose that Azariah will be convicted of the least possible degree of manslaughter possible–and that he will be sentenced to time already served.

But who knows? Perhaps an acquittal is in the offing.


The Arab League, which has become a standing joke, met in Mauritania yesterday and was immediately beset by differences over Iran and Turkey.

However, a bigger problem was that two of the most important members, Egypt and Saudi Arabia didn’t show up at all.  Saudi King Salman reportedly stayed away because of health reasons, and President Sisi of Egypt remained home because of a “busy domestic schedule.”

So the meeting was cut back to a one day affair.

But that didn’t stop things from going off the deep end.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki informed those in attendance that “the United Kingdom is responsible for all Israeli crimes since 1948” when the British Mandate ended.

And because of that, al-Maliki announced that the Palestinians intend to sue the U.K. over the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

He asked the Arab League to join the Palestinians in the suit.

A collective yawn arose from the representatives (the ones that were not already chatting among themselves).

It’s actually just as well the Egyptians were not there. After all, last year an Egyptian journalist demanded that Egypt sue Israel because of the lasting damage done by the Ten Plagues that were visited upon them some 3500+ years ago.



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