NEWS FLASH: Hamas Leader Meshaal Agrees To Peace With Israel!

20 Tammuz 5776

Wednesday, July 27 2016



While chanting "intifada, intifada, intifada", Bernie Sanders supporters burn the Israeli flag outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night.

While chanting “intifada, intifada, intifada”, Bernie Sanders supporters burn the Israeli flag outside of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night.


UPDATES 8 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

In the middle of the afternoon, a Palestinian terrorist charged Border Guards at the Qalandiya checkpoint. Refusing orders to stop, she was shot in the leg; she was found to be holding a knife and a Hamas scarf.

All day long, terrorists attacked Israelis with”rocks” in such locations as the Mt. of Olives, Rachel’s Tomb, on Route 443, and Hevron.

…The IDF tracks down a terror cell and kills a murderer…

The IDF carried out a major operation in Beit Surif late last night and into this morning (Beit Surif is just northwest of Hevron).

A gun battle went on for hours supported by helicopters and drones as our forces targeted the Islamic Jihad terror cell that carried out the murder of Rabbi Michael “Mickey” Mark of Othniel almost four weeks ago on July 1st.

When it was all over at about 3 am, Muhammad Faqih, the mastermind of the cell and the shooter of Rabbi Mark, had been killed and three more cell members who participated in the murder were captured.

Six other Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists were wounded.

…Illegal Palestinian homes destroyed…

In an almost unprecedented move (since usually it targets Jewish homes), the Civil Administration destroyed dozens of illegal Palestinian houses in the process of being built in Qalandiya and Issawiya overnight.

None of the homes were inhabited and all of the homes were close to the separation fence.

The organization that documents illegal housing, Regavim, had this to say this morning:  “The government of Israel has proved herself last night that the phrase ‘rule of law’ is not just an empty cliché, and that it can return the sovereignty to every corner of the state of Israel.”

…While the Israeli flag was being burned outside in Philadelphia…

Hillary Clinton was being coronated inside.

And part of her coronation, a video entitled 67 (referring to the fact that she was the 67th Secretary of State in U.S. History) was released. In it, the heroic Clinton is praised as a secretary with “steel in her spine”.

And how is she represented as being the woman of steel?

By being cast as the main mediator who stopped the 2012 war between Palestinian Hamas Gaza and Israel.

and . . .

By being the main person who persuaded countries to enact economic sanctions against Iran thereby forcing Iran to negotiate with the P5+1.

Your humble servant doesn’t know which claim is more spurious. In the first case, it was Egypt, not Clinton, that brought Hamas to the negotiating table; and in the second, Iran was able to circumvent most sanctions thrown its way and only negotiated because it got complete vindication of its nuclear program as well as sophisticated enhancements of it through the so-called “negotiations.”


Yesterday, all sorts of news media proclaimed the headline (or a variation of it) you see at the top of the page today.

“Khaled Meshaal Proclaims Peace With Israel Is At Hand” was one of the funnier ones.

Yes, it is true that Meshaal said that his terror organization is ready for peace with Israel–even a peace based on the June 4, 1967 lines.

So what are we leaving out?

Just a few details:

1. 5,000,000+ UNRWA proclaimed “Palestinian refugees” must be “returned” to their homes in Israel.

In other words, no more Israel.

2. Jerusalem needs to be the capital of Palestine.

In other words, no more Jerusalem.

3. All Hamas terrorists must be released from prison.

In other words, open season on Jews.

The list goes on and on, but enough said.

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