Could Mahmoud Abbas Really Be A CIA Agent? Hmm…

26 Tammuz 5776

Tuesday, August 2 2016


UPDATES 9 am Israel time

…Palestinian terrorism not in the mainstream news yesterday…

From 7:44 am to 10:03 pm last night, there were “rock” assaults reported at Dahiyat al-Barid, Hizma, Hawara, Route 443, Zeita, and Benyamin. In the latter attack, an Israeli man was wounded when the entire front windshield of his minivan was shattered.

…A distressing vote this morning…

Your humble servant must say he is dismayed by the final approval of amendments to the Core Curriculum law this morning in the Knesset.

Specifically, the amendments repeal section 10A of the Compulsory Education Law that requires all educational institutions in Israel to teach at least 10 hours of math and English to their students.

The law allows the Minister of Education to exempt institutions (read “ultra-Orthodox” educational institutions”) from the math and English requirement.

I am forced to agree with Knesset Legislator Elazer Stern who said this morning: “The passage of this amendment is a tragedy for ultra-orthodox youth because it dooms them to remain impoverished and intellectually disabled.”

…An interesting statistic….

In the past decade, the Israeli government has spent millions of shekels in an effort to attract Israeli Arab women to the workforce. It was hoped that by doing so, the women would bring in more money to their respective households thereby improving the economic condition of the entire Israel-Arab sector.

However, a depressing statistic emerged yesterday.

Only 31.5% of all Israeli Arab women work compared to 79.7% of Israeli Jewish women. This 31.5% percentage is a decline in the percentage of the last two years.

Apparently, most Israeli Arabs are relatively happy about their their economic situation, and there is increased pressure in the Israeli-Arab sector for women, especially wives, not to work.


In what can only be described as another instance of acrimony in the Arab-Iranian world, an Iranian official declared yesterday that Tehran has evidence that Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the PLO and unelected President of Areas A and B of Judea and Samaria, is an agent of the CIA.

Yes, that’s right.

The official, Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, said that the Iranian government is in possession of documents which prove Abbas’ CIA connections. Apparently the comment was made in response to the visit of the leader of the Iranian opposition to Ramallah yesterday.

But you know, dear reader, as crazy as the CIA connection sounds, it may not be as crazy as it seems.

Perhaps this is one reason that virtually every U.S. President and Secretary of State (just think of the last 8 years of Obama, Clinton, and Kerry) cozies up to Abbas.


And might it also partially explain the hundreds of millions of dollars that Abbas and his family have squirreled away all over the world from Switzerland to London to Dubai?


And might it also partially explain why Israel keeps Abbas in power by propping up his security services, etc., etc.?

No, it’s just a flight of fancy on the part of your humble servant . . .



Note: israelstreet will continue with its series 10 Heroic IDF Battles and Operations in the coming weeks.



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