Hold on Obama; Israel Is Not On Board With Iranian Appeasement

2 Av 5776

Saturday, August 6 2016


UPDATES 8 am Israel time:

…Palestinian terror yesterday unreported in the mainstream media…

*An Israeli man driving on Road 443 came under fire last night. Though terrorists hit his car with multiple shots, he escaped unwounded.

*An IDF soldier was the target of a ramming attack in the morning in northwest Samaria. The soldier was not wounded; the terrorist escaped.

*Numerous “rock” attacks took place at such places as Beit Ummar, Awarta, Issawiya, Sioh, A-Ram, Beit Fajjar, Beit Awwa, and in Benjamin.

*Palestinian terrorist hurled Molotov firebombs at Israelis in the Hevron Hills and at Mt. Hevron.

…The Olympics have barely begun and already the Arabs…

And already some of the Arabs are behaving like Arabs again. The Rio organizers had arranged buses to take the athletes from the athletic dormitories to the stadium for the opening festivities.

It turned out that the Lebanese delegation boarded a bus, only to find out that the Israeli delegation was supposed to share the bus with them.

A brouhaha occurred when the Lebanese refused to let the Israelis on board, and other arrangements had to be made.

But on the other hand, an Egyptian judoka team official announced that one of its members would not withdraw from an early round match with an Israeli. According to the official: “Why should our member lose his dream because of the draw?”


As you might have heard, President Obama gave a completely self-serving statement at a Pentagon press conference on Thursday.

In the context of questioning about how the U.S. had paid $400,000,000 to have Americans released earlier this year (the Iranians have actually produced a video about this ransom payment), Obama answered with misdirection by talking about the Iranian Nuclear Weapons Appeasement Agreement:

“By all accounts, it has worked exactly the way we said it was going to work. The Israeli military and security community … acknowledges this has been a game changer. The country that was most opposed to the deal.”

And to manipulate reporters, Obama added this:

“What I’m interested in is if there’s some news to be made, why not have some of these folks who were predicting disaster come out and say, ‘This thing actually worked.’ Now that would be a shock … If some of these folks who said the sky is falling suddenly said, ‘You know what? We were wrong and we are glad that Iran no longer has the capacity to break out in short term and develop a nuclear weapon.’ But that wasn’t going to happen.”

The Israeli Defense Ministry, under the leadership of Avigdor Lieberman, was quick to respond:

“The Israeli security services believe that the agreements only have value if they are based on existing reality, and that they hold no value if the reality on the ground is completely opposite from the reality envisioned in the agreements.

The Munich agreement didn’t stop World War Two or the Holocaust. Its basic premise– that Nazi Germany could be a partner in some form of agreement–was wrong, and world leaders at the time ignored Hitler’s and other Nazi leaders’ statements about the Jews.

This is the same regarding the agreement with Iran, which itself explicitly and publicly announces that its goal is to destroy the state of Israel. A US State Department document published this year states that Iran is the chief state sponsor of terror world wide. Therefore, the Israeli security establishment, the nation of Israel, and many other nations around the world, understand that agreements like those signed between the world super powers and Iran aren’t helpful. They only damage the uncompromising struggle against nations which support terror.”

Kolakevod (Bravo) to Lieberman for telling it like it is. 

One final note.

Who in the world was Obama referring to when he said that “Israeli leaders are on board with the agreement”?

Undoubtedly, the answer is IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot who supported the appeasement from the get-go.

Eisenkot, who is in the U.S. presumably to hammer out details of the new U.S.-Israel ten year arms agreement, was absurdly awarded the “Legion of Merit” at an elaborate ceremony outside the Pentagon.

Awarded the Legion of Merit for what?

For being on board with the Iranian Appeasement. Certainly, Eisenkot has done nothing else to deserve it.

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