Shevat 10, 5777

February 6, 2017


Palestinian terror news . . .

*Hamas has reported that its “head of explosives” was accidentally killed this morning in an explosion.

The Hamas press release reads: “Al Qassam mourns the death of Qassam Field Commander Mohammed Al Quqa, 37, who died of wounds he sustained in an accidental explosion in Gaza.”

Some wounds . . . according to Palestinian medical sources, Al Quqa was brought to a hospital with his legs and arms blown off.

Good riddance.

*In other Palestinian terror news, it was a typical Sunday with an Israeli bus badly damaged by “rocks” at Hizma, Molotov firebombs thrown at Kiryat Netafim, cars damaged in Hevron, Al-Khader, Givat Assaf, A-Ram, Budrus, on the Husan Bypass Road, between Kiryat Arba and Hevron, at the Gush Etzion T-Junction, and pedestrians hit by “rocks” at Deir Deboan, Rachel’s Tomb, and Ofra.

Numerous Israelis were treated for trauma in the above incidents.

The Regulation Law surprisingly rolls forward . . .

The proposed law to retroactively legalize Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria will be read for the second and third time tonight in the Knesset–clearing the way for it to become law. 

As we have often written on this blog, once the Regulation Law becomes law, it will quickly be ruled invalid by the Israel Supreme Court. Almost certainly it will rule that the Knesset has no authority to make a law to apply to territory technically outside of Israel.

But the surprising fact is that the readings are taking place. Opposition to the proposed law has been largely withdrawn, and PM Netanyahu has withdrawn his attempt to delay the vote after announcing that he has cleared the vote with President Trump. Netanyahu is even flying in from London tonight so he can get to the Knesset to cast his vote.



In the last few hours, the IDF Commander of the Gaza Division has updated mayors of towns along the Gaza border on what has happened during the day. All Israelis living within 40 km of the border are being asked to stay close to a “fortified area” in the coming hours.

At the same time Hamas has issued a statement blaming Israel for an escalation in “tension” and warning Israel that it bears all responsibility for that escalation.

Let’s back up a moment and understand what has happened.

There have been two attacks by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza today. In the morning, terrorists fired a missile into the Chof Ashkelon region; all of the people living in Zone 217 were sent running to their bomb shelters. The missile struck “an open area” near Zikim.

A short time later, Palestinian terrorists opened fire on an IDF patrol near Kissufim. No Israelis were wounded.

In response to these attacks, IDF tank fire and artillery targeted six Hamas “buildings” in southern Gaza as well as Hamas naval “infrastructure”. The latter attack has not been verified, but Agence France Presse published the following picture:

Hamas members running away from the site of an IDF attack this afternoon (AFP).

Hamas members running away from the site of an IDF attack this afternoon (AFP).

So what is coming tonight? Will southern Israelis be in their bomb shelters again? Stay tuned.










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