Shevat 11, 5777

February 7, 2017


Palestinian terror in the last 36 hours . . .

It has been another day and a half of Palestinian terror:

*terrorists attacked Israeli civilians at/on/in the Husan Bypass Road, Nabi Saleh, Ras Al-Amud, Kiryat Arba, Al Khader, Halhul, Yitzhar, Sinjil, Gush Etzion, Hevron, and Issawiya . .  . and numerous other places.

*terrorists attacked Israeli soldiers, police, and border guards at Dehaisha, Silwad, Silwan, Abu Tor, Shuafat, Kiryat Arba, Hizma, Ma’ale Amos, Tekoa, Rachel’s Tomb, A-Ram . . . and (pardon the repetition) numerous other places.

Meanwhile, Shin Bet members working in conjunction with the Israel police and IDF soldiers announced the capture of a Palestinian terror cell based in Beit Annan which has carried out a number of Molotov firebomb attacks on Israeli vehicles on Roads 436 and 443.

Also, photos were released of the IAF attack on “Hamas infrastructure” yesterday following the missile fired into southern Israel. It turns out that Israeli bombs struck empty land and a chicken house. An undetermined number of chickens were killed:

Another laughable IAF attack on Hamas. A Palestinian holds two dead chickens in front of the partially destroyed chicken house.

Another laughable IAF attack on Hamas. A smiling Palestinian holds two dead chickens in front of the partially destroyed chicken house.

Anti-Israel NGO activity reaches new depths . . .

If you can believe this, the infamous organization Machsom Watch held a press conference today to report that it has found “a new illegal outpost” established by “settlers” in a nature reserve near Road 5788.

Well, not exactly, Machsom Watch reported that the “settler outpost” is under construction. By whom you may ask?

3 adults and 8 children.

Yes, you read that correctly. Three adults and 8 children who are apparently living in tents as they shepherd their sheep are now a “settler outpost.”

Reaction to the just-passed Registration Law . . .

You may remember that your humble servant predicted that “the second after” the law would be passed by the Knesset, the Israel Supreme Court would invalidate it.

Well, minutes after passage, the usual cast of anti-Israel NGOs (Yesh Din, B’Tselem, and others) filed suit at the Court to have the law invalidated. That invalidation should come at any moment. Read more about this in today’s blog below.

At the same time, the Trump Administration refused to condemn the law this morning saying that it would withhold comment until the Court rules. But the Administration reiterated that it adamantly opposes any Palestinian attempt to take Israel to the International Criminal Court. What a breath of fresh air.

However, the European Union was the same old story. A “reconciliation summit” between Israel and the EU scheduled for the end of February has been indefinitely postponed. Condemnation of Israel came from all over Europe all day.

To which your humble servant replies with a yawn . . . what’s new? 


The Israel Supreme Court ‘s Perpetuation of Land Fraud Continues

Within one day of the passage of the Registration Law on Sunday night, the Israel Supreme Court announced yesterday that it was ordering the destruction of 17 more Jewish homes, this time in the Tapuach-West community in Samaria. The Court gave the residents of the homes 14 months to get out.

The homes are in the town of Kfar Tapuach, a 1000+ community just east of Ariel.  The demolition order came at the request of violently anti-Israel NGOs Peace Now and Yesh Din. These NGOs filed their petition on behalf of “nearby Palestinian villages.”

Your humble servant often writes in this blog about the “fraudulent” land decisions of the Israel Supreme Court. Allow me to take the opportunity again today to explain why (see here for the source of much of the information below).

1. From the time of the Turkish invasion of Judea and Samaria back in 1516 until the end of the British mandate in 1948, property in Judea and Samaria was governed by the Ottoman Land Law. In this system, virtually all of the land became owned by absentee Turkish landlords.

2. In 1948, the Jordanians conquered Judea and Samaria and immediately ethnically cleansed the area of all Jews. Then the Jordanians created the Jordanian Land Registry. The entire area was surveyed and vast swaths of land were given (complete with newly created “deeds”) to villages and individuals. What little amount was not given away became Jordanian state land (following Ottoman law). Of course, the only thing that gave the Jordanians the right to make this giveaway was the fact that they had control over the area–a control that was completely without historical basis or international legitimacy.

3. When Israel retook Judea and Samaria in 1967 (after some 2000 years), the Israel courts ridiculously allowed the Jordanian Land Registry to remain as the basis for determining land claims in Judea and Samaria. The basis for this decision was that if the land was not annexed by Israel, then Israeli law should not apply. Never mind that the Land Registry was fraudulently created by Jordan–a country that ceased to have any claims over the area.

4. By the 1970s, Jewish communities began to be built in Judea and Samaria. Almost always, these communities were built on land which had never been used by any Palestinians–and in the cases of individuals–on land whose “owners” had died. The land had not been re-registered by anyone claiming to be an inheritor, and because the land had never been used, the land became state land.

5. What we have now seen for more than two decades is the ongoing attempt of Peace Now and Yesh Din to go to the Jordanian Land Registry and find out whose names were on the bogus Jordanian land “deeds”–and then try to find any descendants they can to claim that the land is actually theirs despite the fact that they did not know their relatives had “a deed” to the land in the first place and despite the fact that no taxes were ever paid on the land and the land was never used.

6. Amazingly, operating in its function as the “High Court of Justice”, the Israel Supreme Court does not even examine  the “deeds” to determine if any of them have any validity. The High Court willy-nilly accepts Peace Now and Yesh Din’s version of legitimacy that states that the claimants they have found are indeed legitimate.

In sum, it is an entire system built on fraud, a system created by a country which was at war with Israel and which ethnically cleansed all Jews from the area, and gave out fraudulent deeds.

Last week it was Amona. Two days ago it was Ofra. Today it is Kfar Tapuach. Where will it be tomorrow?








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