Tu B’Shevat Higiyah!

Shevat 14, 5777

February 10, 2017

Iranian missile experts meet their timely end . . .

According to news reports from Yemen this morning, a Saudi airstrike killed 5 Iranian ballistic missile experts belonging to the Revolutionary Guards. The attack, which took place just before dawn, also killed more than 40 Houthi fighters.

Once again, the attack illustrates the pervasive nature of Iranian terrorism–and the degree to which Iranian ballistic missiles are now positioned throughout the Middle East.

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*A terrorist attack has just been thwarted at the Beersheva central bus station. Two Palestinians somehow arrived by bus. Before they disembarked, security officials boarded the bus to check the passengers. The terrorists’ suspicious movements betrayed them, and when they were checked, the guards found maps of the city with police and IDF locations pinpointed–along with pictures of weapons they planned to obtain.

*Earlier in the afternoon, a terrorist stabbed an Israeli Arab at the Chain Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist was captured and the Israeli is listed in “moderate” condition.

As for yesterday’s terrorism, where does one start? There were more than 40 shooting, “rock”, Molotov, and IED attacks. A sampling:

*Terrorists fired on an IDF position beside Tulkarm; a soldier was wounded. Another shooting attack took place at the Iron intersection; Israelis were wounded.

*“Rock” , and Molotov attacks took place at such places as Nebi Elias, Beit Ur al Tahta, Jalazun, the Husan Bypass Road, Louvain Asharqiya, Al-Khader, Dir Nizam, Mt. Hevron, Gush Etzion, Hevron, Kiryat Arba, Ofra, Hizma, Beit Hanina, Turmus’aya, Beit Einun, Shuafat, Dura al Kara, A-Tur, Silwan, Barid, and Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem.

Please note that the information above is gleaned from Israeli civilians on the ground as reported at rotter.net and other civilian reportage of attacks reported at kolhayehudi.co.il.


Tu B’Shevat Higiyah!

So let’s have a little fun today. Click on this link to hear the most famous song for Tu B’Shevat–and even if you don’t know Hebrew, you can still sing along by reading the subtitles. Or this one, if you read Hebrew!

Tu B’Shevat arrives tonight.

The 15th of Shevat arrives at sundown tonight and continues until sundown tomorrow night. It is the Jewish holiday that celebrates a “new year” for trees. To put it more poetically, the trees of Israel all wake up from their winter slumber and begin a new process of bearing fruit. In a larger sense, Tu B’Shevat traditionally signals the coming of Spring.

So what are we supposed to do tomorrow?

Eats lots of fruit and nuts. Almonds, dates, figs, walnuts, oranges, carob, pomegranates . . . pretty much anything that can be called a fruit or a nut.

But guess what? One coming-of Spring group got started a little early today. The first one hundred storks landed in the Hula Valley. They are the advance guard of tens of thousands that will soon arrive.

The storks wasted no time in getting down to eating.

The storks wasted no time in getting down to eating.

Chag Sameach! Happy Holiday to all!


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