Ayelet Shaked: Walk Softly And Carry A Big Stick

Shevat 27, 5777

February 23, 2017

The talk of the Israeli street today


The walls around the Palestinians keep expanding . . .

The wall going up around Ein al-Hilweh.

The new wall going up. Note the the pillbox/observation tower for soldiers (picture elaraby).

It was announced yesterday that the current wall being built to stop Palestinian terrorists is nearing completion–with only about 15 to 20% left to build. Moreover, it was revealed that the government plans to build more walls around other Palestinian towns.

The work at Ain al-Hilweh had been stopped back in November after outrage poured in from internationalists. Now it is continuing.

This news by the way came from The Daily Star in Beirut.

It is the Lebanese government building the walls around Palestinian towns in southern Lebanon. The wall that is almost finished is the one around Ain al-Hilweh. All of the walls are meant to contain the violence in the towns and stop terrorists from attacking Lebanese soldiers. 

Cooperation between India and Israel grows . . .

The Indian government has approved a $2.5 billion dollar military deal with Israel. The main component in the deal is the purchase of the MR-SAM (middle rage surface to air) missile system.

It is expected that the missiles will be fully deployed and operational in India in 2023. India and Israel are also working together to develop a LR-SAM (long range) system.

Last year, when Indian PM Narendra Modi visited Israel he commented: 

“The ties between our peoples have been conducted since ancient times, when Jews landed on our West Coast more than 2,000 years ago. The Jewish people were and always will be an integral part of our society. Indian people have always appreciated Israeli innovations in agriculture, science and engineering.”

Palestinian terrorists attack Israeli civilians, soldiers, and police . . .

Judea and Samaria were the scene of more than 30 attacks yesterday at these locations: Efrat, Beit Ummar, Gush Etzion, Nebi Elias, Ofra, Al-Khader, A-Ram, Hevron, Psagot, Qalandiya, Aotzrin, Migdalot, Benjamin, Makel, Migdalot, Hawara, Mt. Hevron, Beit Hanina, Hawara, Balata, Azzun, and Baisoowiya.

In addition, an IDF jet shot down a Hamas drone that was flying over southern Israel this afternoon.


Ayelet Shaked: Walk Softly And Carry A Big Street!

Three days ago, your humble servant wrote the following about the ongoing effort of Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to change the ideological slant of the Israel Court.

 “. . . it is not surprising that Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who heads the committee to find replacements, has been eager to change the ideological composition of the court.”

I went on to comment how it appeared that Shaked was giving in to the current Justices on the Court and that 4 more leftist Justices would likely be chosen. At the time, I wrote:

“Let’s all hope that Shaked regains her footing and does not allow herself to be cowed by the Israeli judicial establishment.”

In retrospect, it appears that your humble servant was off base; Shaked was nowhere near being cowed by anyone. In fact, it seems that she was subscribing to the old Teddy Roosevelt adage of “Walk softly and carry a big stick.”

This all became apparent when the four new Justices were named yesterday:

Upper left: George Kara; upper right: , lower left: , lower right.

The Court moves to the “right.” Upper left George Kara; upper right Yael Vilner; lower left Yosef Elron; lower right David Mintz.

David Mintz, a conservative judge who lives in Dolev in Gush Etzion

Yosef Elron, a conservative judge who presides over Haifa District Court

Yael Vilner, a conservative judge who presides over another Haifa District Court: Vilner is the first orthodox woman ever chosen to be on the Court.

George Kara, an Israeli Arab Christian judge from Tel Aviv District Court

In fact, the block of Justices on the Judicial Selection Committee as well as the Israeli Bar Association were not successful in choosing any of their proposed Justices. How Shaked worked this magic is still unclear.

But Naftali Bennett summed it up for many of us when he tweeted this after the Justices were announced: “Ayelet has done the impossible! Go Ayelet! 




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