Pence Tweets, Hamas “Works”, Palestinians Delude (Themselves), Hezbollah Probes, Iran Buys, Anti-Semitism “Surges”

Shevat 29, 5777

February 25, 2017

The talk of the Israeli street today

A nice tweet from U.S. President Mike Pence today . . .

For those unaware: POTUS means President of the United States.

For those unaware: POTUS means President of the United States.

When did Israel ever see a tweet like this during the last eight years?

They were “just trying to make a living” . . .

Last night, Hamas condemned Egypt for continuing to destroy its tunnels leading from Gaza into Egypt. Three Hamas terrorists were suffocated when the tunnel they were attempting to reopen collapsed. That tunnel had been partially destroyed by the Egyptian Army.

One of the three Hamas "workers" who were killed in the collapse.

One of the three Hamas “workers” who were killed in the collapse.

Hamas later issued a statement that the three were “just trying to make a living” and that Egypt should immediately open the Rafah Crossing.

The delusional Palestinians seek to extend Palestinian law (lol) . . .

In a move that means absolutely nothing, a judicial conference called by PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas recommended that PLO law be extended to all of Judea and Samaria (adding Area C to Areas A and B) and Jerusalem.

In a similar vein, Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat responded to the proposal that a “Palestine” be created from Gaza and contiguous land in the Sinai:

“The Sinai belongs to Egypt, and Jerusalem belongs to Palestine.”

Hezbollah tests Israel on our northern border . . .

More than 25 Lebanese crossed the border between Lebanon and Israel this morning in the area of Kibbutz Manara. The “protesters” were supposedly upset with Israeli intelligence gathering equipment along the border–but the fact is that they were probing Israeli defenses.

Which, in your humble servant’s opinion, were found severely lacking.

Eventually the infiltrators were sent back across the border by tear gas, but how did they get across the border in the first place?

What does this say about the IDF ability to repel Hezbollah terrorists?

The Iranian nuclear program continues apace . . .

Ali Akbar, the head of the Iranian nuclear (weapons) program announced yesterday that Iran is attempting to buy 950 tons of concentrated uranium from Kazakhstan.

According to Akbar, why does Iran need the uranium?

To build another nuclear reactor.

The Trump anti-Semitic canard . . .

The Chairman of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Jewish Federation said yesterday that the surge of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States in the last two months is because of President Trump: “it is impossible not to point the finger directly at Donald Trump.”

Your humble servant wonders if the Chairman is aware that there really hasn’t been a surge at all; according to the Anti Defamation League, there were more than 7000 anti-Semitic incidents during the first 7 years of President Obama’s term in office (no statistics are yet available for 2016).





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