Nissan 2, 5777

March 29, 2017


Your humble servant will be traveling during the next week in an area with unstable internet. Israelstreet will be published intermittently during this time–to return full time on April 4th. Thank you for your understanding.


The News On The Israel Street

Palestinian terrorism today (Wednesday):

A Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab Border Police at the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. No Israelis were wounded. The terrorist was shot and killed.

Other terror today: there have been “rock” and Molotov targeting Israeli civilians at Psagot, Luban Sharquiya, Gilad Road, and at Amos.

Palestinian terrorism yesterday:

There were more than 30 terror attacks yesterday. Numerous Israelis were treated for trauma, and a soldier was wounded in Qalandiya.

In what must be the greatest non-surprise in Israeli political history . . .

It appears today that PM Netanyahu and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon are close to an agreement that will bring to a halt all of the nonsensical talk about new elections. The agreement involves a compromise over the Israel Broadcast Authority which is too ridiculous to go over again.

In what must be the greatest non-surprise in Middle East history. . .

King Abdullah of Jordan declared today that solving the Palestinian issue is the only way to achieve peace. The statement was closely coordinated with the Arab League which issued a nonsensical statement saying the same thing.

500,000 dead in Syria, Islamic State in Syria and on Jordan’s border, Sunnis and Shi’ites massacring each other whenever possible, and Iran establishing a crescent of power reaching from Lebanon on the Mediterranean to Tehran–and the Palestinian issue is of foremost importance?




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