A New Kumbaya Political Party Forms in Israel

Nissan 7, 5777

April 4, 2017

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On the Israel street today

Palestinian terror in the last 5 days . . .

There have been more than 140 Palestinian terror attacks since our last blog five days ago.

Among the worst:

*A Border Policeman was wounded by terrorists in Issawiya today.

*An IDF soldier was wounded by terrorists in Jalazon today.

*Palestinian terrorists opened fire on the Jewish community of Shavei Shomron yesterday.

*Two days ago, a Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab soldiers near Qalqilya and was neutralized.

*Three days ago, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed three Israelis (two civilians and a border policeman) before being shot and killed.

*Four days ago, a Palestinian terrorist with a knife was caught near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron.

Speaking of Judea and Samaria (where most of the 140+ attacks occurred) . . .

The talk of the last few days around the world has been the decision of the Security Cabinet to build the first new Jewish community in decades. That community is meant to replace the Amona community that was razed (but nobody talks about that destruction). In addition, 2000 more housing units were put into the slow, ten-year-process of being built.

So, pardon your humble servant for his distinct lack of enthusiasm about all of this news. If the new community is built and if the 2000 units are built, that would be a good start. But how many times have we seen announcements like these quickly have the rug pulled out from under them?

By Netanyahu.

Let’s see the actual buildings before we rejoice.

Speaking of buildings being built . . .

Paristan and Londonstan. Amid pictures of Muslims now praying in the streets of the French capital and demanding that more mosques be built to accommodate them, comes news that the British capital in recent years has seen 500 churches closed and 423 mosques opened.

In three years, there will be more Muslims attending mosques than Christians attending churches in London.

The future is here.


A New Kumbaya Political Party Forms in Israel

On Sunday, a new political party had its grand opening in Tel Aviv. Actually, it is a political party that claims to be apolitical. Headed by former Knesset member Shai Firon, and former IDF Chiefs Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi, the party opening was long on slogans and short on substance:

“Solidarity and Love”

“A Broad Movement”

“Heal the Wounds”

Of course, one might ask: Solidarity with whom? Love whom? A broad movement of whom? Heal whose wounds?

But in reality, we don’t have to look too far. Everyone affiliated with the party is on the political “left”–especially Gantz and Ashkenazi. And the party is copying the infamous V15 agenda (remember the movement partially subsidized by Obama and Kerry to bring down Netanyahu?) to the letter.

From the new party’s website:

Until the 70th Independence Day of Israel (Spring 2018), millions of Israelis from all sectors meet and shape a new agenda. Together we will initiate broad public moves to shape a common Israeli identity. . . 

We would be happy if you register on our site and join as many people as possible. Only if we are a great force can we bring about the desired change in discourse and dialogue between us. We join and join thousands of Israelis, because only with our own forces can we start a real change.

A real change? Actually, no change. There is never a change when it comes to the Israeli “left” concocting schemes to undermine the “right”–and delegitimize the current government.

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