Netanyahu and Trump: The “Left’s” Egregious Subversion of the Democratic Process

Nissan 8, 5777

April 5, 2017


On the Israel street today

Israeli terror victims recognized, belatedly . . .

This morning, the Ministry of Defense announced that six Israelis murdered and wounded abroad have been “classified” as victims of terror. Why it has taken so long is anyone’s guess.

The six:

Shmuel Ben Hillel was murdered in Mali on November 20, 2015.

Dalia Elyakim was murdered in Berlin on December 19, 2016.

Liane Nasser was murdered in Istanbul on January 1, 2017.

Chaim Winternitz was wounded in Brussels on March 22, 2016.

Menachem Farkash was wounded in Brussels on March 22, 2016.

Rami Elyakim was wounded in Berlin on December 19, 2016.


Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

Of course, the hourly attempt to kill Israelis goes on everyday. From the last 24 hours:

Palestinian terrorists hurling “rocks” and Molotovs have attempted to murder Israeli men, women, and children on the Husan Bypass Road, in Tekoa, Beitar, Hizma, Har Homa, on Road 443, Beir Ur a-Tahta, at Rachel’s Tomb, Abu Dis, Luban al-Sharqiya, and El Khader.

Palestinian terrorists targeted IDF soldiers near Husan and Beit Ummar. A Palestinian terrorist who threw a Molotov firebomb at an IDF patrol in Deheisheh was shot and wounded.


Palestinian terrorists set fires near Givat Ronen and at Karmei Tzur.





All told, there were 28 reported terror incidents in the last 24 hours. Israelstreet figures come from and hakolyehudi.

The situation in Syria devolves . . .

If if can devolve any more than it already has. The latest reports are that the Sarin gas used by Assad forces against Syrians in Idlib two days ago came from a Hezbollah chemical weapons warehouse in Lebanon.

You will remember that the world idiotically believed Assad that he had destroyed his chemical weapons years ago. It was a belief trumpeted by the utterly moronic Obama Administration (remember Obama’s infamous “line in the sand” comment?).

All Assad did was transport his chemical weapons across the border.


Netanyahu and Trump:

The “Left’s” Egregious Subversion of the Democratic Process

What do PM Netanyahu and President Trump have in common?

At first glance not much. Netanyahu was a decorated soldier; Trump never served in the military. Netanyahu is the ultimate political insider; Trump is the paradigmatic outsider.

On the other hand, Netanyahu has been married three times, and so has Trump. And both of them can lay claim to having attended Ivy League schools: in Netanyahu’s case, Harvard; in Trump’s, the University of Pennsylvania.

But Netanyahu and Trump have something else in common.

Throughout the Israeli election campaign of March 2015, PM Netanyahu was widely expected to lose to the leftist Herzog-Livni (self-proclaimed “Zionist Camp”) party. It was a campaign which featured endless media attacks on Netanyahu (and even an outrageous attempt by the Obama Administration to undermine Netanyahu). Pre-election polls showed that Netanyahu would not win.

Throughout the American election campaign of 2016, President Trump was widely expected to lose to the Democratic leftist Hillary Clinton. It was a campaign that featured endless media attacks on Trump. Pre-election polls showed that Trump would not win.

And yet, both Netanyahu and Trump won. In democratically held elections, the people of Israel and the United States chose their leaders.

The minute both elections were over, both Netanyahu and Trump came under immediate attack from the leftists who had lost the elections and from the leftist media that wholeheartedly supported Herzog/Livni and Clinton.

In the case of Netanyahu the attacks have centered on cigars, champagne, submarine contracts, and anything else the media can dredge up. In the case of Trump, it has all been about Russia–and the alleged collusion of the Trump campaign with the Russian government.

The bottom line is simply this: what the “left” could not accomplish in an election, it is attempting to accomplish through an egregious subversion of the democratic process.



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