Another Avoidable Tragedy: IDF Soldier Elhai Taharlev Murdered

Nissan 9, 5777

April 6, 2017


On the Israel street today

Palestinian terror today . . .

An Israeli soldier was murdered this morning near Ofra in a bulldozer attack (see today’s blog).

An Israeli bus was fired on by terrorists at the Beit┬áHa’arava Junction. No Israelis were physically wounded.

A bullet-shattered window on the bus.

A bullet-shattered window on the bus.

Israeli motorists have been attacked with “rocks” and Molotovs at Beit El, the Husan Bypass Road in Gush Etzion, Luban a-Sharqiya, Ras Al-Amud, Beit Rima, and numerous other places.

Cyberwars heat up . . .

The Israel Cyber Army has been hard at work today attacking dozens of pro-Palestinian websites–all of which had announced that they planned to attack Israeli sites on April 7.

A picture of Elhai Taharlev–the soldier who was murdered today–was placed on the sites:

This appears on many pro-Palestinian websites today courtesy of Israeli hackers.

This appears on many pro-Palestinian websites today courtesy of Israeli hackers.


Today’s Blog:

Another Avoidable Tragedy: IDF Soldier Elhai Taharlev Murdered


One hour from now at 6:30 pm Israel time, the funeral for 20-year-old Corporal Elhai Taharlev will be held at Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem.


Elhai Taharlev

When this day dawned, Elhai was a soldier in the IDF Golani Brigade, the beloved son of his psychologist mother and rabbi father, and the beloved sibling of three sisters and three brothers. He was also the beloved son of the Talmon community (near Ramallah). The Talmon community issued this statement this afternoon:

“On the eve of the Passover holiday, the Taharlev family and, with them, the residents of the Talmon community received the tragic news. Our dear Elhai was murdered. A talented youth, modest, and very, very beloved. The pain breaks the hearts of friends, neighbors, kids in the youth group and all the members of the community who knew Elhai and loved him.”

What happened this morning?

Elhai was murdered as he stood behind a bus stop at Ofra. As he stood there talking with another man, a Palestinian terrorist rammed his car into Elhai, killing him instantly. The other man was lightly wounded.

The murder weapon.

The murder weapon.

The terrorist was captured as he tried to escape his car. Unfortunately, he was uninjured.

It was a murder that could have been avoided.

Two years ago, the terrorist was imprisoned after attempting to infiltrate the community of Adam in order to murder Israeli men, women, and children.

For that crime, he was imprisoned for three months.

Three months.

He was subsequently released by a ridiculously lenient Israeli court, and this time he succeeded.

How many times have we seen this happen in the past? How many Israelis have to die before the Israeli judicial system–in the name of “progressive liberal values”–stops displaying leniency to terrorists?

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