Five Observations on the U.S. Missile Attack on the Syrian Airfield

Nissan 11, 5777

April 7, 2017


On the Israel street today

The attack in Stockholm. . .

Israelis are always closely attuned to terror events around the world, and the bulldozer attack today in Stockholm is no exception. What Israelis are continually disgusted by is how similar Palestinian terror attacks in Israel are almost never reported by the international press.

Just yesterday, IDF Cpl. Elhai Taharlev was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist who ran over him at a bus stop near Ofra. Where is the international outrage over Israelis being murdered?

Nowhere to be seen or heard.

Palestinian terror in the last 5 days . . .

IDF soldier Elhai Taharlev was murdered in a bulldozer attack near Ofra.

Two Israelis were stabbed on Hagai Street in Jerusalem; another terrorist tried to stab soldiers at a Qalqilya checkpoint; two terrorists armed with knives were caught near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron.

Palestinian terrorists carried out three shooting attacks: at Psagot, the Arava Junction, and Shavei Shomron.

Five Israelis were wounded in “rock” and Molotov attacks: at Ni’lin, Jalazon, Issawiya, the Husan Bypass Road, and A-Tur.

This information was culled from reports on and

What about the Russian announcement about Jerusalem?  . . .

It was certainly a mixed bag from the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow yesterday. On the one hand, the Ministry declared once again that “East” Jerusalem should be the capital of “Palestine.” But at the same time, and for the first time, the Russians declared that “West” Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

There was no immediate reaction from the Netanyahu government.


Five Observations on the U.S. Missile Attack on the Syrian Airfield

1. Obviously, the attack was more for public consumption than practical effect. Tomahawk missiles that leave minimal cratering were used, so it is not surprising that Russian and Syrian planes were using the airfield again within hours of the attack.

2. Putin will not take the attack lying down. This morning he doubled down on Syria by ordering reinforcements of Russian forces on the ground and in the air–and, importantly, announcing that the Russian air force will no longer “twin” with American aircraft. “Twinning” is necessary for American planes to avoid being shot down by Russian S-300 and F-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Even more, Putin has ordered a Russian cruise missile carrying destroyer to the Syrian coast.

3. What all of this will do for the supposedly burgeoning Israel-Saudi Arabia-Egypt-Jordan alliance is anyone’s guess. Yesterday, we had President Sisi supporting the strikes–yet receiving more Russian armaments at Egyptian ports. Jordan’s King Abdullah ended his visit to the White House, and almost immediately had his government condemn Israel.

4. Whatever practical effect the missile strike did not have, it certainly had a major symbolic effect. ¬†After 8 years of no American leadership in virtually any area around the world, there seems to be an almost audible sigh of relief that “America is back.” The simple fact is that no matter how much we may agree that the United States should not be the world’s policeman, the world without any American leadership has been descending into chaos.

5. Finally, the slaughter in Syria will not abate any time soon. More nerve gas attacks, more barrel bombs, more massacres. . . all of these will take place in the near future–perhaps more violently than ever. But for the moment, let’s relish the fact that American power is once again being exercised in the Middle East.


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