The Iranians and Russians Bizarrely Insert The Palestinans Into The Syrian Equation

Nissan 13, 5777

April 9, 2017


The Talk On the Israel Street Today

Palestinians trying to kill us . . .

Terrorist snipers from Gaza opened fire on the Kerem Shalom Crossing this morning. This follows numerous Palestinian terror attacks yesterday including IEDs thrown at IDF troops at Rachel’s Tomb, Molotov firebombs as such places as Efrat and Tekoa, and “rocks” thrown at Nokdim and Hevron.

Meanwhile Israeli security forces were attacked in Askar, Hermela, Issawiya, Ras el-Amud, A-Ram, Uzrin, Shuafat, Silwan, A-Tur, El-Khader, Abu Dis, and Bil’in.

Palestinians killing other Palestinians . . .

Five Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians in the Lebanese town of Ain Al-Hilweh today.

26 more Palestinians have been sentenced to death by other Palestinians in Gaza today. This is in addition to the three Palestinians who were hanged by Hamas three days ago.

No safety for Christians anywhere in the Middle East except Israel . . .

Two more deadly attacks have occurred today–this time in Egypt where a suicide bomber blew himself up during Palm Sunday services at St. George’s Coptic Church in Tanta killing 25 and wounding 50 more. 11 more Egyptian Christians were killed and another 35 wounded in the second attack which occurred at St. Mark’s Church in Alexandria.

No safety for Israeli soldiers and civilians in Judea and Samaria . . .

The IDF issued yet another absurdly dangerous rule of engagement this morning for soldiers serving in Judea and Samaria. According to the new “Open Fire Regulation”, a terrorist who has carried out an attack and escaped must be given “fair” verbal warning before shots are fired and even then–shots must first be fired in the air.

In other words, soldiers are preventing from firing until they are fired upon.


How many of our soldiers and civilians will be killed because of this politically correct idiocy?



The Iranians and Russians Bizarrely Insert The Palestinians Into The Syrian Equation


A joint statement/rant of the Russian-Iranian command in Syria made these fraudulent points today:

*The missile strike was American aggression against the sovereign state of Syria.

*Syria has lost many soldiers in the last six years.

*The chemical sarin attack on civilians was reprehensible. That attack was organized by international states seeking to create a reason for attacking Syria.

*The arrogant Americans did not even seek UN approval for the strike.

*The Russians and Iranians are aware of American actions in northern Syria where they are illegally occupying Syrian territory.

*America has crossed red lines, and Russian and Iran will respond to any future American strike.

To top this litany off, the Russians and Iranians added:

*Those who are against the rights of the Palestinian people are not entitled to present themselves as defenders of human rights of Syrians.

Whoa there . . . the rights of the Palestinian people? Let’s get this straight: the Palestinians have more rights than anyone living in Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah-controlled parts of Lebanon. They live with complete autonomy in Gaza and in Area A of Judea and Samaria where they have their own government and own security forces.

And where is the logic that Bashar Assad and his friends in Hezbollah, Tehran, and Moscow are free to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians because the rights of the Palestinian people are not being respected? What about the Palestinian-Syrians that Assad and his minions have attacked endlessly in the Yarmouk neighborhood of Damascus?

Poison gas, gasoline barrel bombs, the violation of every conceivable human right by the Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah, and the Syrian government–we are supposed to believe that no one has a right to try to stop any of this because of the situation surrounding the “poor Palestinians.”

What utter garbage. 



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