Missile Strike on the Eshkol Region

Nissan 14, 5777

April 10, 2017


Happy Passover! Chag Sameach!

The holiday begins tonight at sundown.

Israelstreet wishes all who celebrate the holiday a joyous seder!

Speaking of Passover, the relevant times today for Jerusalem:

10:03 am: the last time for eating chametz

11:20 am: the last time for burning the chametz

6:46 pm: the time to light the candles for Passover

7:44 pm: the time that the Passover seder should begin

12:40 am: the last time the afikoman can be eaten

The Talk On the Israel Street Today

Passover . . .

All talk is about Passover–where your seder is, how many people are coming, and what you are having to eat. . . All of Israel is in a last-minute buying rush.


Today’s Blog:

Missile Strike On the Eshkol Region 


At 11:33 am, red sirens for incoming missiles sounded for the following communities near Gaza: Avshalom, Benny Netzarim, Dekel, Yavul, Yated, Neve, Pri Gan, Shadi Avraham, Shlomit, Talmei Yosef.

Ten minutes later it was reported that a greenhouse in the Eshkol region was hit–and a 50-year-old man inside had to be treated for trauma. 

A picture issued by the IDF of a missile part in the greenhouse.

A picture issued by the IDF of a missile part in the greenhouse.

In the meantime, the government has closed the Taba Crossing into the Sinai–and strongly urged any Israelis vacationing in the area to return home immediately.

Two hours ago, it was reported that Israeli jets struck an area south of Rafah from which the missile was fired.

Think about that for a moment.

Israeli jets operating in the Sinai.

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