Among the Flowers in the Ashdod Dunes

Nissan 17, 5777

April 13, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

The money runs out again . . .

The ever-infantile Palestinians announced in Gaza this morning that the millions of dollars recently donated by Qatar and Turkey to buy fuel for the electricity-producing power plant in Gaza have run out.

And the infants need more money to keep the plant operational.

Also, Hamas announced that if the PLO continues to demand that it pay taxes on diesel fuel, it will cut off all electricity on Sunday. This announcement came in the midst of a summit of Palestinian ambassadors currently taking place in Bahrain.

At that summit, Mahmoud Abbas declared that Arab efforts to negotiate a “truce” between Hamas and the PLO have been fruitless.

Could there be a change in the wind?

We doubt it, but . . .

UNRWA, the utterly despicable UN agency that perpetuates Palestinian victimhood, has changed the textbooks that it provides Palestinian students in the schools that it administers in Palestinian areas.

Specifically, UNRWA has removed the map of “historical Palestine.”

In response, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Education (aka the PLO Ministry of Education) has suspended all connections with UNRWA.

Israeli hospitals in the north are suffering . . .

Fresh on heels of a government decision to increase the number of Syrian victims who can be treated in Israeli hospitals, the hospital directors in Nahariya and Tzfat have called on the government to immediately release funds necessary for such treatment.

To date, Israel has spent 250,000,000 shekels (almost $68 million dollars) taking care of wounded Syrians.

Good news . . . Syria has no chemical weapons . . .

The farce in Damascus continues with Assad declaring this morning that Syria has no chemical weapons, and the Sarin attack on Idlib last week is “a complete fabrication.”

Today’s Blog

Among the Flowers in the Ashdod Dunes

As regular readers of this blog know, your humble servant lives in far south Ashdod. What is more, you readers know that I often have reported in the past about unaccounted-for missile explosions in the sand dunes between our houseĀ and the beach.

During the last war, we repeatedly heard nearby high-concussive blasts that were never reported on by the IDF or anyone else. We have often discussed with our neighbors that we need to be careful walking in the dunes because who knows what is out there.

This morning, a couple of tourists, who didn’t know any better were out walking in the dunes in front of the house.

And they found this:

The missile part found in front of our house this morning.

The missile part found in front of our house this morning (picture: ashdodonline).

Of course, police sappers were immediately called–and a controlled explosion blew up the unexploded missile head.

When was the missile fired? No one knows but probably not too long ago judging from how it was still relatively above ground (it wasn’t covered by blowing sand).

How many more are out there in the flowers of the dunes? No one knows.

If you happen to be in Israel, think twice about a walk in the dunes.


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