Another Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike . . . (Yawn) . . . With More Western Collusion . . . (Yawn) . . .

Nissan 21, 5777

April 17, 2017

The News on the Israel Street Today

What color will Bibi be today?   

The subject of PM Netanyahu’s hair color has become a source of humor around Israel these days. For his part, Netanyahu has been enjoying the attention, and playing the part to the hilt.

From gray to silver to brown...what color will Netanyahu sport next?

From gray to silver to brown…what color will Netanyahu sport next? (Pictures YNet news).

Yesterday, Netanyahu and his wife Sara were touring the Galilee, and Netanyahu had this to say: “Look how beautiful it is here in nature in the Galilee. Everything is wonderful, everything is blooming and beautiful, everything is green, a bit brown, and I’m not talking about my hair color.”

It is good to see a little humor on the Israel political scene.

The Chinese are coming . . . but not to Judea and Samaria.

According to an agreement that PM Netanyahu recently signed in China, 6000 Chinese construction workers will shortly be on the ground in Israel. On top of that, thousands more will be arriving by virtue of individual agreements between Chinese companies and Israeli contractors.

As part of the agreements involved with them, the Chinese insisted that each agreement specifically contain a clause that says that Chinese workers will not be employed in Judea and Samaria. Israel refused to include such a written clause, but did agree verbally that Chinese construction workers would not work in Judea and Samaria.

Your humble servant wonders why we need Chinese workers in the first place–and why in the world do we have to kowtow to the demands of other countries?



Another Palestinian Prisoner Hunger Strike . . . (Yawn) . . .

With More Western Collusion . . . (Yawn) . . .

Today is Palestinian Prisoner Day in PLO territory and in Gaza. To mark the occasion, infamous prisoner Marwan Barghouti is leading a hunger strike of 700 fellow prisoners.

Barghouti is in Israeli prison serving 5 life sentences for his role in the murders of civilians in attacks at Ma’ale Adumin, Givat Ze’ev, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem (a car bombing). You would never know any of this if you read the incredibly fraudulent letter today that Barghouti had published by the incredibly fraudulent, pro-Palestinian New York Times–at the end of which the Times identifies Barghouti as a “Palestinian leader and parliamentarian”.

Aside from drawing attention to himself (Barghouti wants to take Mahmoud Abbas’ place if and when he ever gets out in a prisoner exchange), Barghouti is leading a call for more public telephone calls, more visits from the Red Cross, and longer visits from relatives.

To all of which, your humble servant simply says so what? Who cares what the prisoners want?

All of them should just rot in jail.

Some statistics on the prisoners*:

–There are 6500 Palestinian “security prisoners”. These prisoners are in prison for trying to kill Israelis.

–Included in the 6500 are 57 women and 300 “minors.” You may remember that during the last year and a half, a significant portion of the stabbing attacks and bulldozer attacks were carried out by women and “minors.” Also it is worthwhile remembering that all of the “minors” are teenagers–and the vast majority of them ages 16-18.

–Also included in the 6500 are 29 prisoners who entered prison before the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993.

–It is worthwhile noting that all of these 6500 receive a monthly salary from the PLO based on how long they have been in prison and what “heroic act” they committed. Those at the top of the pay scale are ones who murdered numerous Israelis–such as Barghouti. 

–It is also worthwhile to note that the Israeli prison system goes to great lengths to coddle the 6500 by providing such perks as a television and VCR in every cell, daily newspapers, a private prisoner canteen, personal kitchens, etc. And even though prisoners can no longer receive academic degrees, they can still take academic courses.

Israelis prisons are hotels where the customers get paid. But apparently not enough; witness the current strike.

*Taken from Arutz Sheva

**By the way, there are some 20,000 Israelis in Israeli prisons.

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