The Latest Outrageous Trump Demand

Sivan 1, 5777

May 26, 2017


The News On The Israel Street

Palestinian terrorism runs amok . . .

Just as we predicted, the demand by the Trump Administration that Israel make more concessions to the Palestinians and Netanyahu’s kowtowing to that demand has resulted in an uptick in terrorism.

The past week has seen some 40 terror attacks per day.

Per day.

These have ranged from a Border Police officer being stabbed in Netanya to other attempted stabbings in Abu Dis and Qalqilya. Also near Qalqilya, another Palestinian terrorist attempted to run over a contingent of Border Guards.

In the past 24 hours alone, there were vicious “rock” and Molotov attacks at Karmei Tzur, El Khader, Jericho, Hevron, Bethany, Shechem, Nabi Saleh, Ofer, Migadalim, the Tapuach Junction, Herodian Square, Sebastia, and numerous other locations.

And what is the Israeli government doing about these increased attacks?

Unbelievably, giving even more concessions to the Palestinians.

To help the Palestinians celebrate Ramadan (the Palestinians help us celebrate our holidays by trying to kill us), Palestinians are being encouraged to visit relatives in Israel, visit their families abroad, and pray on the Temple Mount. If past Ramadans are any indication, more than 1,000,000 Muslims will come to Jerusalem to worship at Al-Aksa.

It is all enough to make your humble servant sick.

For what happens every time these politically correct gestures are offered? Inevitably, terrorists come into the country and kill Israeli men, women, and children–at which point the gestures are revoked. It is an absurd cycle that endlessly repeats itself.

Speaking of the Temple Mount . . .

It is being reported that on Jerusalem Day a few days ago, approximately 1,000 Jews were on the Temple Mount at one time–the most, it is said, since the days of the Second Temple.

In the first place, how could anyone know if this is correct or not–and it almost certainly is not. At numerous times during the last 2000 years numerous Jews have been permitted on the Mount even to the point of establishing synagogues there at various times.

In the second place, with 1,000,000 Muslims being permitted on the Mount this coming month, how pathetic is it that 1,000 Jews is something to crow about?

Just unbelievable.



The Latest Outrageous Trump Demand

As we alluded to above, we have already reported here how President Trump and his team are demanding a wide range of “gestures” designed to get the PLO to return to the negotiating table. Each of these in the absence of any concession whatsoever from the Palestinians is egregious.

But not as egregious in your humble servant’s opinion as Netanyahu’s apparent abandonment of Israel’s demand that the PLO recognize Israel as a Jewish state as a prelude to “negotiations.” That demand has now been replaced by an “insistence” that the PLO stop inciting terror and stop funding terrorists and their families. Why this has happened is anyone’s guess.

And it is futile in the extreme. Just this morning, Mahmoud Abbas declared that all terrorists being held in Israeli prisons are “heroes.”

But now comes word of an even greater demand by Trump.

Simply put, Trump is now demanding that the Oslo lines established back in 1993-4 be redrawn. More specifically, he is pushing Israel to take land that is currently in Area C and put it in Area B.

Say what?

Area C has now been under complete Israeli control since 1967. By complete control, I mean complete administrative and security control. Area C is the area in which 99% of all Israelis (about 415,000) in Judea and Samaria live (the other small % live in Hevron).

Were Israel to agree to this latest Trump demand, it would signify once and for all that Israel has no intention of annexing Area C, and it would lead to a series of land concessions to the Palestinians.

Land concessions . . . supposedly for peace.

Yet, hasn’t history proven time and again that land for peace is a fraudulent concept that only results in more Palestinian terrorism and Israeli carnage?

Let’s hope that Netanyahu hasn’t completely gone off the deep end and finds it within himself to resist Trump.


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