Saturday Snippets and Observations

Sivan 2, 5777

May 27, 2017


Saturday Snippets and Observations

*Tonight’s coloring of the Tel Aviv City Hall building in the colors of the Egyptian flag–in solidarity with the Coptic Christian community that was attacked yesterday–is yet another manifestation of Israel being the only country in the Middle East in which Christians can feel embraced.

*Netanyahu’s message to Muslims today as Ramadan began: “I wish Ramadan Karim to the Muslim citizens of Israel and Muslims around the world, in the hope of brotherhood, mutual respect, and peace . . .” Your humble servant is feeling nauseated.

*The Israel Prison Service caved in to the Palestinian hunger strikers today–as they eventually do every time. This time, the Service agreed to permit more visits to the prisoners each month (so that more cellphones and other contraband can be smuggled in). Your humble servant is feeling even more nauseated.

*The latest political poll is interesting especially as it comes after almost two years of daily attacks on PM Netanyahu and the Likud party. Whereas previous polls had shown Netanyahu and Lapid running neck and neck in a future election, this one by Channel 2 shows Likud with 30 seats and Lapid’s Yesh Atid with 22. In short, Likud seems to be just as popular as it was at the time of the last election.

*The Norwegian Foreign Minister has condemned the PLO for naming a new community center after a terrorist–and has demanded that the PLO return Norwegian money used to fund the construction of the center. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

*A 43 year old ultra-orthodox woman from Jerusalem gave birth to her 11th child this week–all born by C-section, a record for Israel. 

*Mahmoud Abbas is delivering (by video) a message of peace to Israelis at a leftist demonstration in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv this evening. He is promising to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and to halt all terrorist incitement against Israel. If you believe the previous sentence, then you dear reader are more gullible than I thought. Abbas will offer the same meaningless platitudes as always.

And so it goes on the streets of Israel today.


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