Land for Nothing: The Trumpian Plan Revealed In Greater Detail

Sivan 5, 5777

May 30, 2017

The News On The Street In Israel

Palestinian Terror Updates . . .

The endless series of Palestinian terror attacks and attempted attacks has continued throughout the last 24 hours. For example, a major attack was thwarted by Border Police earlier today when they spotted two men from Jabel Mukaber walking with unusually full backpacks. Upon apprehending them, the police discovered knives and nine bottles with fuel for Molotovs.

Religious freedom in PLO territory . . .

Palestinian police arrested three men in Hevron for eating and smoking during Ramadan. They were summarily tried and sentenced to one month in prison.

Freedom of expression in Lebanon . . .

The Lebanese Ministry of Economy announced today that it is banning “Wonder Woman” (starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot) from all theaters in the country. It has directed the Lebanese undercover police to enforce the decision.

Iran and Turkey fight for favor among Palestinians . . .

Iran will be hosting Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas in the coming week amidst reports that it will resume funding Hamas in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Turkey is attempting to supplant Jordan as the representative of Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount. In recent months, the Turks have spent millions of dollars to fund organizations and more and more Turkish flags can be seen throughout eastern Jerusalem. All of this comes as part of a broader push by Turkey which is now the leading funder of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world, and a major player in Syria as well.



Land for Nothing: The Trumpian Plan Revealed In Greater Detail*

As we have reported earlier, President Trump is pushing Israel to move land currently in Area C to Area B. In other words, the idea is to take land which is under full Israeli control and place it under Palestinian sovereignty.

It is an outrageous attempt attempt to change the character of Judea and Samaria.

In fact, it was revealed today that the plan has already been presented to the Saudis under the title “a redefinition of West Bank lands.” Most of the Area C land to be transferred would be in northern Samaria.

More than this, it is now reported that the U.S. wants Israel to “whitewash” illegal Palestinian construction. Specifically, the U.S. wants Israel to legalize more than 20,000 Palestinian homes that have been illegally built in Area C–13,000 of which have already been targeted for destruction by Israel (3,500 others have already been razed).

And what is it that Israel is supposed to get from the Arabs for transferring land and sovereignty to the Palestinians?

The opening of direct telephone lines between Israel and Saudi Arabia and letting Israeli planes fly over Saudi Arabia on the way to Asia.

Basically, Israel gets nothing. Who cares if there is direct phone service from Tel Aviv to Riyadh–and numerous Israeli planes already fly to Asia everyday.

Land for telephone service.

Land for use of air space.

Land for telephone service and air space that could be terminated at the drop of a hat. 

In other words, land for nothing. 

*Elements of this blog are taken from YNET News (Alex Fishman).


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