Trump Breaks His Promise: The Embassy Stays in Tel Aviv

Sivan 7, 5777

June 1, 2017



Trump Breaks His Promise: The Embassy Stays in Tel Aviv

For a U.S. President who has so pointedly made it his mission to keep his campaign promises, Donald Trump has found it disgustingly easy to break one today.

How many times did we hear it during the political campaign last year?

“When I am elected, I will move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!”

Over and over and over again, even to the point of having members of his family come to Israel to make the same promise. Over and over and over again at every conceivable venue. 

He stated it unequivocally.

However, your humble servant did not buy Trump’s promise unequivocally.

You may remember that on November 9th,  the morning after Trump’s election last year, I wrote this:

“So we congratulate Donald Trump on his victory and wonder if he will keep the promises related to Israel that he made during his campaign.

Let’s take two for example:

Will he move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?


Will he “rip up” the Iranian Nuclear Appeasement Agreement?”

So we come to today, the moment of truth. And what has Trump decided?

To leave the Embassy in Tel Aviv.  

And why, supposedly? For the sake of peace, he doesn’t want to do anything to disturb his nascent “peace process.”

It is simply flabbergasting that Trump has so facilely bought into yet another “peace process” like so many other presidents before him.

For the sake of peace.

What peace? Consider the events of the last few hours and days.

This morning an IDF soldier was stabbed at the entrance to Mevo Dotan by a 16-year-0ld female Palestinian terrorist wielding a screwdriver. Yesterday, Border Guards thwarted another stabbing attempt in Hevron near the Cave of the Patriarchs. Several days ago, Border Guards captured two 17-year-old terrorists armed with knives in Jerusalem near Jebel Mukaber.

What do all of these incidents have in common? Each of these terrorists was incited to kill by the PLO of Mahmoud Abbas. Their fondest hope was to die so that they could be glorified in Palestinian lore and their families subsidized for life. 

Simultaneous with the above attacks, the PLO Executive Committee, with Mahmoud Abbas at the helm, met yesterday and once again declared that the PLO does not indulge in incitement–and even accused Trump of showing fabricated videos of such incitement when he met with Abbas in Bethlehem two weeks ago. Abbas even ranted that the incitement videos were themselves incitement against the Palestinians.


And if all of this isn’t perverse enough, Israel–doing everything it can to kowtow to Trump–sent Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon to meet with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah today.

The purpose of his visit?

To detail the “confidence building gestures” that Israel is making to get Abbas and the PLO to the so-called “negotiating table.” These include all of the sovereignty relinquishing steps described in a previous israelstreet blog.

Israel offers concessions. The Palestinians incite terror.

It is all enough to make your humble servant want to throw up.

But not to worry. A Trump senior official said today that Israelis should not be concerned, “it is not a matter of if but a matter of when the Embassy will be moved.”

Sure thing–this coming from an official who’ll probably be fired by Trump tomorrow.

Promises made. Promises broken. 

PS. And what about that Iranian Nuclear Appeasement Agreement? It still remains in force. Nothing has been ripped up.


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