Qatar’s Support of Terror: An Old Story

Sivan 12, 5777

June 6, 2017



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Qatar’s Support of Terror: An Old Story

It turns out that your humble servant, once again, was way ahead of the curve when it comes to Qatar.

I wrote this back on August 18, 2014 in the third installment of a series entitled “The Qatar-Hamas Connection: Starting, Sustaining, and Exploiting a War with Israel”:

In the last two days of this blog, we have seen:

–how Qatar has become one of the major suppliers of Islamist terror groups in the Middle East and Africa.

–how Qatar ferried weapons from Libya through Egypt to Gaza while Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi ruled Egypt.

— how Qatar helped build the Hamas tunnel network and computerized its missile launch system used against Israel.

–how Qatar (from Qatar) has led a cyber attack against Israel.

I went on to point out how Qatar used its media resources to sustain Hamas during the 2014 war, writing:

Those media resources are all concentrated in the Al-Jazeera television network which is based in the capital of Qatar, Doha, and is funded and run by the same al-Thani family that has become a major patron of Islamic terrorists. It is no wonder that until recently (until it has been embraced by satellite and cable carriers) Al-Jazeera was simply known by its well-earned nickname “the terror network”.

That Qatari media terror network now covers the globe reaching satellite and cable TV companies in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Those companies are all too happy to embrace Al-Jazeera because of the money that they reap from giving Al-Jazeera a place in the channel lineups.

Unlike other networks that are in the business of making money, Al-Jazeera is merely in the business of disseminating its Islamic ideology to the world.

And the fundamental part of that ideology that is flowing out of Qatar is hatred of Israel.

The point of mentioning all of this today is that if your humble servant could put 2 and 2 together three years ago, it is egregiously disingenuous for Saudi Arabia, Egypt, et. al. to claim now that no one knew that the Qataris were funding and supporting terrorism on a massive scale. 

And it is absurd to think that the Gulf countries cutting off Qatar will in any way isolate it. Sure, the Qataris will probably lose the World Cup soccer championship in 2022, but Qatar has close friends in Iran and Turkey–both of which also support terrorism on a massive scale.

Nevertheless, calling out Qatar–even belatedly–is a good, albeit tiny, first step.

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