The Ongoing Attempt to Usurp Jewish History

Sivan 22, 5777

June 16, 2017

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The Ongoing Attempt to Usurp Jewish History

There is an egregious triad of Israeli leftists, Palestinians, and internationalists always focusing on not only delegitimizing Israel but also on rewriting Jewish history as Palestinian history. They were hard at work yesterday.

From the Israeli left, we had the absurd example of the Omrim school. That school had planned a field trip to Jerusalem. The schedule called for them to visit Mt. Herzl, the City of David, and the Kotel (Western Wall). However, before the trip could take place, objections were raised about taking the children to the City of David and to the Western Wall.

Claiming that these two sites are too “political”, the school changed the plan at the last minute and omitted both.

Can you even believe this?

Can you believe that anyone could possibly think that the place where King David first established our capital and the place where Jews have prayed for thousands of years are “political”?

Of course, the underlying message is a historical one that neither site is Jewish or Israeli. The message is that they belong to the Palestinians.

It is precisely the same message that the Palestinians conveyed yesterday to the World Heritage Committee concerning the Old City of Hevron, and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron. The Palestinians claimed that both sites are Palestinian heritage sites.

The Palestinians asked for an expedited emergency process claiming that both sites are “in danger of destruction and extinction by an occupying power.”

Without any doubt the Heritage Committee which consists of Finland, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Peru, Cuba, Jamaica, Burkina Faso, and Tanzania will accede to the Palestinian “request”. The Committee marches in lockstep with the UNESCO Executive Committee–which has already declared that the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall are “Palestinian.”

One by one, historical and religious Jewish sites are being declared “Palestinian” by internationalists.

Is anyone in the Israeli government doing anything to stop this cascade? Frankly, little can be done on the international stage, but in Israel much can be done.

And Naftali Bennett and his Jewish Home party are leading the charge in the Knesset. 

Today, Jewish Home is proposing an amendment to the Basic Law that will make it even more difficult to divide Jerusalem. The proposal is being done in the face of the concessions already made to the Palestinians in recent days (see yesterday’s blog).

And whom do you think immediately denounced the proposed law? Yitzhak Herzog, the leader of the opposition’s Labor Party–and the country’s leading leftist. 

Herzog ranted:  “Bennett, with his own hands, is sabotaging the chances for peace and the political process . . . Jerusalem does not interest him, only the destruction of the political process and the prospects for a political agreement to secure Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. Which will ensure the security of the State of Israel and Jerusalem as its capital for generations to come.”

Typical leftist bullcrap.

If Herzog had won the election in 2015, Palestinian flags would already be flying over Jerusalem and Israel would have turned over the Kotel and Temple Mount to the Palestinians. The Golan would have been turned over to the Syrians, and there would not even be a semblance of security on any front. 

Thank G-d for Naftali Bennett.

As he stated yesterday: “Jerusalem is the heart of the Jewish people.”

Whether we are talking about Jerusalem, the City of David, the Kotel, Hevron, or the Cave of the Patriarchs, we are talking about Jewish sites deeply embedded in the heart of the Jewish people. No Israeli leftists, Palestinians, or internationlists will ever change that. 

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