President Trump’s “Vision” of Middle East Peace

29 Sivan 5777

23 June 2017



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Border Policewoman Hadas Malka is barely in her grave after being savagely murdered at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Three more policemen were wounded by Muslim terrorists on the Temple Mount the day after her murder.

So what is the effect of this Palestinian barbarism?

The Jerusalem Police announced that the Temple Mount will be closed to all Jews until the end of Ramadan.

Closed to all Jews until the end of Ramadan.

It never ceases to amaze your humble servant that the Netanyahu government and Jerusalem Police cannot see how their actions constantly reward terrorists.


PM Netanyahu’s office has spent the better part of this week backtracking from the apparent approval of 14,000 new Palestinian housing units in Area C adjoining Qalqilya. Of course, as previously reported, the most egregious part of this plan is the conversion of Area C land to Area A land—in short, it is a land giveaway to the Palestinians.

The new news from Netanyahu is that  only 6,000 apartments have been approved—and 1,000 of those have already been illegally built. Those 1,000 will be retroactively legalized.

Are you following this? How many times have we seen Jewish communities which were supposedly illegally built completely destroyed by the Netanyahu government?

So why is this story appearing under “Muslim Terror Succeeds Again”? Simply because Qalqilya is the source of an endless parade of Palestinian terrorists that regularly attack Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, and other coastal cities north of Tel Aviv. With a newly elected Hamas mayor, you can be sure that this parade will continue.

And our government is rewarding Qalqilya?

By the way, hundreds of Jewish community members from Kfar Sava, Kochav Yair, and Samaria demonstrated this week against the transfer of land from Area C to the Palestinians.



President Trump’s “Vision” of Middle East Peace

The egregious willingness of so-called “peacemakers” to totally ignore the most obvious manifestations of Palestinian terror remains one of the world’s most enduring mysteries. In their all consuming quest to bring “peace” to our little region here, they apparently cannot see the forest for the trees.

Or, more likely, they do not want to see the forest.

Take Sunday as an example.

President Trump’s emissary Jason Greenblatt arrived in Israel for yet another around of “peacemaking.”

No sooner did he arrive than he traveled to the Hadas Malka family shiva being held at their home less than a mile away from here at Beit Ezra. Upon completing that visit, Greenblatt uttered these words: “Such incidents underscore why it is essential to understand President Trump’s vision of a Middle East free from threats of terrorism and extremism.”


Very very wrong.  

Such incidents most assuredly do not make it essential to understand President Trump’s vision of a Middle East free from threats of terrorism and extremism.

Such incidents make it essential for the world to understand what Israelis have known since the modern state of Israel was reborn: violence and extremism are endemic in Palestinian culture and society—and no amount of Israeli concessions to peace will ever change that.

Note the word “ever.”

In a world in which the Palestinians constantly see their terrorism rewarded, that endemic violence and extremism is only strengthened.

So try to imagine what happened yesterday as Greenblatt was sitting shiva with the Malkas and then blathering about President Trump’s vision. 

Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies were in Jenin unveiling a memorial to the Palestinian terrorists who carried the Ma’alot massacre on May 15, 1974. In case you have forgotten what happened on that terrible day, three Palestinian terrorists using automatic weapons and grenades slaughtered 25 Israelis, including 22 teenagers from Tzfat that they had kidnapped.

22 teenagers.

Blown to pieces with machine guns and hand grenades.

Just on the basis of the Jenin ceremony yesterday, Greenblatt should turn around and go home. Back in Washington, he should tell President Trump that his vision of Middle East peace is a delusion. And he should emphasize that peace with the Palestinians is impossible because one can never make peace with murderers and those who glorify murderers.

Addendum: Following intense pressure from Israel, the memorial to the Ma’alot murderers was temporarily taken down yesterday–shortly to reappear, no doubt, in another location.

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