The Coming Wars With Hezbollah and Hamas

13 Tammuz 5777

7 July 2017


Special News:

Israelstreet welcomes the some 7000 Jewish athletes from around the world (80 countries) who join the nearly 3000 Israeli athletes to participate in the 20th Maccabiah–the largest ever. The opening ceremony last night was exhilarating! The Games will continue until July 18th.

The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror you won’t read about anywhere else . . .

*An all-out nationwide manhunt is underway for a Palestinian terrorist who apparently has planned to carry out an attack at the Central Beersheva Bus Station.

*Israeli motorists assaulted in “rock” attacks near the Halhul Junction on Mt. Hebron; an attempt to burn an Israeli family alive with a Molotov firebomb near Ma’ale Shomron; an attack which damaged an Israeli bus at Hizma; a Border Policeman wounded at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem: these were a few of the more than 25 Palestinian terror attacks reported in the last 24 hours.

*A Palestinian terrorist from Nazareth was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for the savage 2015 murder of Daria Magdalena Rosemick, a 24-year-old Christian pilgrim from Poland. At the trial, the terrorist testified that he grabbed her shawl, strangled her to death with it, and dragged her body into some nearby bushes.

The sickening saga of the terror monument continues . . .

You may remember that we reported here on israelstreet last week how the PLO of Mahmoud Abbas had erected a monument in Jenin to the terrorists who carried out the Ma’alot massacre of May 1974 when 27 Israelis–mostly teenagers–were brutally slaughtered.

Shortly thereafter, the PLO removed the monument, apparently under pressure from the U.S. government and Israel.

But then, the PLO put it back up again in Jenin. This time it was removed by IDF soldiers.

But then, (yes again), it was put back up in Jenin, and this time it was destroyed by IDF soldiers. 

However, the PLO has now built another monument to the terrorists and placed it in Ramallah–and has gone so far as to name a square after them.

The European Parliament set to invite terrorist families . . .

The European Parliament has announced that it will soon be inviting the families of imprisoned Palestinian terrorists to speak at the Parliament. For example, the wife of convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti as well as family relatives of the recent “hunger strikers” will receive an all-expenses paid trip to speak about Israeli brutality.


Israel clamps down on BDS supporters and others attempting to enter . . .

The Population and Immigration Authority has announced that it has provided all border personnel with a list of 28 reasons to turn back would-be “visitors” to Israel.

Foremost on the list is “having called for or supported the BDS boycott against Israel.”

Among the other 27 reasons are suspected missionary activity and intent to create public disorder.

According to statistics obtained by the ultra-left wing Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israel denied entrance to 16,534 people in 2016 compared to 1,870 in 2011. This number is expected to grow dramatically in 2017.

A reformulated “Jerusalem Law” is concocted . . .

You will remember, dear reader, that last Friday PM Netanyahu–in a fit of petty politics–pulled the proposed Jerusalem Law from Ministerial consideration. That Law would have made it nearly impossible to ever divide the city in any future “negotiations” with the Palestinans by requiring 80 Knesset members to agree to such a division.

Netanyahu was upset because Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home Party would have received all the credit–and because the proposed Law would have taken Jerusalem off the negotiating table.

Now, after negotiations between Jewish Home and Likud (Bennett and Netanyahu), the proposed Law reads that:

1.  Any transfer of territory in Jerusalem from Israeli sovereignty to a foreign entity will require 80 Knesset votes.

2. However, municipal changes in Jerusalem can also take place with a simple 61 vote majority. Specifically, existing “neighborhoods” in the capital can become “new municipalities under Israeli sovereignty” by a vote of 61 members of the Knesset.

It is difficult to fathom how this second provision would work. Does this mean that an Arab neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem could become its own municipality as long as it stayed under Israeli sovereignty? In other words, Arab neighborhoods could break away from municipal Jerusalem and form their own cities?

The new Law is expected to be submitted for Ministerial Committee approval on Sunday.



The Coming Wars With Hezbollah and Hamas

Israel Defense Minister Lieberman speaking yesterday:

“Neither Hezbollah nor others have any intention of war with Israel. Everyone is very familiar with the capabilities of the IDF today.”

Is it any wonder given continuing statements like the one above that nearly 60% of Israelis (according to a survey yesterday) have no confidence whatsoever in Avigdor Lieberman’s ability as Defense Minister?

All one has to do is look around. On our northern border with Lebanon, the IDF is rushing to create makeshift barriers to protect Israeli towns and kibbutzim from a massive assault by Hezbollah–which has already announced that in the next war it plans to invade Israel all the way down to the Kineret and capture Israeli communities.

Actually, the IDF has announced that it realizes that such barriers will not stop Hezbollah. The hope is merely that it will slow down Hezbollah enough to permit Beirut to be bombed into oblivion. But that may be hard to do with nearly 200,000 precision-guided Hezbollah missiles headed our way.

Meanwhile, the situation is not much better along Israel’s border with Palestinian Hamas. Just yesterday, the IDF announced that it has nearly completed a “smart wall” whose cameras and other sensing equipment have already detected “suspicious” Hamas activity on the other side.

Did we need a smart wall to tell us that?

And while the IDF is busy piling up sand berms above ground, our totally inept IDF General Command has announced that it realizes that Hamas is hard at work building more offensive tunnels into Israel underground.

Speaking of our inept General Command, sources in that Command have let it leak out that it fears that Hamas may attack soon because of the electricity “crisis”, or the isolation of Qatar, or water “problems”, or the flow of money into Gaza, or the building of an anti-tunnel wall (which is nowhere near completion), or, or, or.

The simple fact is that the IDF General Command has absolutely no idea what Hamas is about to do and utterly fails to grasp the fact that Hamas wants to kill us simply because we are Jews.

Your humble servant was thinking about this last night when we were driving down the Coastal Highway toward the southern entrance to Ashdod. What to our wondering eyes should appear but two Iron Dome missile interceptor batteries suddenly positioned about 1.5 miles from our house . . .



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