How Could This Happen? Yesterday’s Terrorist Parade At Tekoa

18 Tammuz 5777

12 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

*There was a bulldozer attack in Shuafat when a terrorist attempted to run over policemen. The attacker was stopped by a hail of gunfire.

*Drive by “rock” attacks took place between the Tapuach Junction and Migdalim. Terrorists in a car attacked Israeli cars as they passed.

*An IDF force was assaulted with more than 5 Molotov firebombs at Meir Spring (beside Neve Tzuf). According to the IDF’s idiotic rules of engagement, the soldiers were only permitted to fire in the air at their attackers.

*Molotov and “rock” attacks occurred at Ma’aleh Shomron, Deir Abu Mashal, Shechem, Tekoa, Silwan (2 policemen wounded), Kifl Haris, and numerous other places.

The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz . . .

Yesterday was the 17th of Tammuz–a day of great Jewish catastrophes. According to Jewish tradition, it was the day that Moses broke the tablets when he saw Jews worshiping the Golden Calf; it was the day in 586 BCE that the Babylonians began to break the defenses of Jerusalem; and it was the day in 70 CE that the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans.

Because of the latter two events, the 17th of Tammuz is known as Shivah Asar B’Tammuz, the start of a three week period of mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem and the two Holy Temples leading up to the 9th of Av–the day on which the First and Second Temples were destroyed. As such, yesterday was a “fast” day for Jews.

And it was a day yesterday on which Jews tried to go up to the Temple Mount. A spokesman for the Temple Mount organization said that there was a 60% increase in the number of Jews on the Mount yesterday compared with the same day last year (of course, the total number did not exceed 150). He added:  “Despite the great heat and limited opening hours for Jews only in the morning hours, yearning and the demand of the Temple is growing and is expressed in the field.”

And there’s the rub. “Despite the limited opening hours for Jews only in the morning.” 

How pathetic that Jews are limited from visiting our holiest place on our holiest days.

The spokesman even pathetically praised the police for guarding Jewish worshipers and not even arresting one person.

Not even arresting one person. We are supposed to thank the Jerusalem Police for not even arresting on Jew on the Temple Mount.

Just plain pathetic.

The newly proposed “Soros Law” . . .

Your humble servant doesn’t know if you have been paying attention to recent events in Hungary in advance of PM Netanyahu’s visit there in a few weeks.

The Hungarian government has been waging a campaign against George Soros because he is pouring millions of dollars into supporting Muslim immigration into Hungary and the rest of Europe.

Part of that campaign has taken on anti-Semitic overtones.

All of which has caused considerable consternation in the Israeli government with the Foreign Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office going back and forth about the correct response. The problem is that no one supports anti-Semitism, and no one in the government supports George Soros.


Because George Soros spends millions of dollars here in Israel to undermine and delegitimize our Israeli government.

And so it is that a new law, dubbed the “Soros Law” is being proposed that will prohibit donors to anti-Israel organizations from donating to “non-profit” organizations operating in Israel.

Knesset Legislator Mickey Zohar commented on the proposed law yesterday: “The time has come to dry up the leftist organizations that undermine the government, slander Israel and try to violate its right to defend itself.”

Amen to that, but you can expect the “Soros Law” to encounter rocky waters from all the non-profits here.

Nobody watches the Israeli news anymore . . .

The ratings are out for Israeli news two nights ago for news programs that should have been highly watched given the fact that the hotly contest Labor primary election results were being reported.

And those results are:

Channel 2: 16% of Israeli households watched

Channel 10: 6.6%

Channel 1: 5.4%

In short, only 28% of the households in Israel were watching the three main Israeli television network news programs. Could this be because there is virtually nothing except “news” attacking Netanyahu on mainstream Israeli television anymore?

One last observation: your humble servant is old enough to remember how it was when he first came to Israel back in the 1980s. There was only 1 television network, and only 1 newscast (at 8:00 pm). I remember walking down the streets at that hour and hearing that newscast from every home and apartment. The lights emanating from television sets were like street lights.

In my opinion, things were better then.

Speaking of why people disbelieve the news . . .

The following headline appeared on a news site yesterday:

“A New Study: 55% of Young People Will Vote for Center-Left Bloc”

Given all indications in recent years of a shift to the right by Israeli youth, the headline was arresting.

However, it turns out that the headline did not tell the story.

According to statistics gathered by a University of Haifa Ph.D. student, if elections were held today:

4% of youth aged 17-24 would vote for “extreme right-wing” parties

36% of the same aged youth would vote for “right-wing” parties

32% would vote for “center” parties

23% would vote for “left-wing” parties

5% expressed no opinion

There was no indication whatsoever that 32% who would vote for centrist parties would vote for a “bloc” that included “left-wing” parties.

So what is the largest voting group among 17-24 years old? Those voting for “right-wing” parties.

But you would never know that from reading the headline.

Avi Gabbay lays out his plan for ousting Netanyahu . . .

In a speech yesterday, in which Gabbay is now accused of plagiarizing from Barack Obama, Gabbay declared that the path to Labor dominance will include:

*Turning over the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem to the PLO and immediately moving to peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

*Turning Israel into a welfare state: “Welfare state is not a dirty word.”

*Retaining the “left-wing” status quo of the Supreme Court

In other words, make major concessions to the Palestinians before “negotiations” take place (who knows what other concessions Gabbay would make?). Tear apart the fabric of Jerusalem. Increase taxes on the middle and upper economic classes to give benefits to the lower classes. And keep the heavily biased Supreme Court intact.

Is this a recipe for winning? Or a recipe for disaster?


How Could This Happen?

Yesterday’s Terrorist Parade At Tekoa

You will recall, dear reader, how it was a mere two days ago that a Palestinian terrorist plowed his vehicle into IDF soldiers at an intersection near Tekoa. He then got out of his vehicle and began trying to stab more soldiers at which point he was shot and killed by those soldiers.

For reasons unknown to anyone except the IDF, the terrorist’s body was returned to the Palestinians yesterday.

What happened next was almost as shocking as the terror attack itself.

Obviously working in coordination with the PLO, the IDF closed off the road that runs past Tekoa to all Jewish traffic, and proceeded to allow a gigantic funeral procession for the terrorist to pass.

A funeral procession featuring masked terrorists, terrorists waving PLO and Islamic Jihad flags, and a procession featuring slurs and screams directed at IDF soldiers on the side of the road.

Watch the unbelievable procession on youtube. Note the IDF soldiers at the end of the video who had to stand, watch, and suffer the insults of the terrorists.

Your humble servant asks the simple question today of “how could this have happened?”

How could the IDF General Command in general and the office of COGAT in Judea and Samaria in particular be so contaminated by political correctness as to permit and even encourage this to happen?

How is it that the IDF command structure never learns the lesson that the more you give the Palestinians, the more Israelis will be attacked and killed? 

How long will it be until one of the terrorists in the “parade” yesterday tries to kill Israelis?




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