Israel’s Gas Pipeline Takes A Dangerous Turn Through Turkey

19 Tammuz 5777

13 July 2017


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terror in the last 24 hours . . .

What does an “average” day of Palestinian terror look like? Take yesterday for example.

*Three missiles fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza exploded in “open areas” near the Gaza border. The IDF, as usual and despite the reports of citizens on the ground, claimed that the missiles never happened.

*A resident of Kochav Ya’akov was shot by a Palestinian terrorist. The IDF reported that he was hit “by a stray bullet that was fired into the air by an Arab.”

*Palestinian terrorists attacked security personnel with “rocks” and Molotovs at Al Fawwar in the Hebron Hills, around Bethlehem, in Abud, and in Hevron. During the latter attack, soldiers in the Judea Brigade captured eleven masked terrorists.

*Palestinian terrorists attacked a Maglan IDF unit operating in the Jenin area with gunfire, IEDs, and Molotovs. Two terrorists were shot and killed.

*Throughout Judea, Samaria, and eastern Jerusalem there were numerous other assaults on Israeli motorists and pedestrians.

How many of the above attacks did you read about in your mainstream media? Undoubtedly none.

The Cabinet freezes “the Qalqilya plan” . . .

After a huge outcry from the public about the absurd Lieberman plan to turn over part of Area C to the Palestinians for housing construction, the Cabinet voted last night to freeze the ludicrous idea.

On a trip to the area yesterday to support his wacko idea, Defense Minister Lieberman was unexpectedly confronted by 14 year old Ayala Shapira who was burned all over her body in a Palestinian terror attack two years ago and still must wear gauze all over her body.  She flustered Lieberman with this question: “Why does the enemy receive construction as a reward for terrorism?”

Your humble servant could not have said it better.

Iranian terrorism spreads out . . .

Amidst reports that the IDF is considering striking Iranian missile factories located deep underground in Lebanon comes another report today that the Iranians have built another long-range missile production facility in Syria.

The reports of these missile facilities come as Hezbollah military leaders in Iraq along with their Iranian counterparts announced yesterday that now that Mosul has been taken, they are now marching for Israel.

Hezbollah troops marching two days ago. Note whose picture they are carrying, and what they are marching on.

Hezbollah troops marching two days ago. Note whose picture they are carrying, and what they are marching on.

Meanwhile Gaza has gone dark . . .

The last turbine in Gaza’s only power plant shut down yesterday essentially leaving the terrorist Palestinian state with no power. Of course, the Hamas terrorists have auxiliary electricity (supplied by Israel) to light their tunnels and operate their hydraulic missile launchers.

But isn’t it amazing that despite the billions of dollars in international money pumped into Gaza for the express purpose of running their electrical plant, and the tons and tons of fuel trucked in from Israel and Egypt to run their electrical plant, the plant has closed down.

In a real way, the Gaza power plant is a perfect example of the utter incompetence and corruption rampant in Palestinian society. And what difference does it make if incompetence and corruption are rampant? None, because the Palestinians know there will always be an international entity there to bail them out.

So where do Israelis get their news? . . .

In recent weeks, your humble servant has heavily criticized the mainstream Israel media–particularly the three main television channels–for their constant diet of fake news, especially fake news surrounding the endless investigations into PM Netanyahu and his family.

Yesterday, we showed television ratings that demonstrate that only about 25% of Israelis even watch Israeli TV news programs anymore.

So where do Israelis get their news?

It turns out that Israelis prefer to get their information online, and these are the top 10 sites, in order:

Ranking by the Israel business site "Globes."

Ranking by the Israel business site “Globes.”

Regular readers of israelstreet will recognize number 5: “rotter”. This happens to be our favorite news site because it contains unfiltered reports of residents on the ground about what is happening throughout Israel.

Speaking of the top 10 . . .

Travel and Leisure magazine has come out with a list of the top 10 airports in the world:

1. Changi, Singapore
2. Hamad, Doha Qatar
3. Dubai
4. Incheon, South Korea
5. Hong Kong
6. Zurich, Switzerland
7. Haneda, Tokyo
8. Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv
9. Abu Dhabi
10. Schiphol, Amsterdam

It is difficult for anyone to compete with Changi which has its own exotic butterfly garden, waterfalls, and free cinema, but Hamad is giving it a run for the money with an entire health center including a free indoor swimming pool. But congratulations to Ben Gurion for making the list–if we could only see an IMAX theater there now, like the one in Hong Kong . . .



Israel’s Gas Pipeline Takes A Dangerous Turn Through Turkey

The proposed route of the Israel-Europe natural gas pipeline.

The old proposed route of the Israel-Europe natural gas pipeline.

Some years ago, israelstreet published the above map from Pytheas Limited. It showed the map of a possible gas pipeline from Israel’s offshore gas fields to Europe via Greece.

Unfortunately, this pipeline did not seem to have “legs”; nothing has ever come of it. 

Now we have news that Israel is actively pursuing another pipeline route that will run through Turkey. The undersea section of the pipeline would be 600 km long and would cost about $2 billion dollars.

The Israel-Turkey route to Europe.

The Israel-Turkey route to Europe.

In this context, it comes as no surprise that Turkey’s Energy Minister Berat Albayrak is due in Jerusalem next week to discuss a possible deal. Our Energy Minister Yuval Steinetz has proclaimed that such a pipeline “is an important token in the process of developing normalization and bilateral relations between Turkey and Israel.”

Say what?

The simple fact is that Israel is somewhat desperate to find markets for its huge Leviathan field (613 bcm of gas). The field is set to begin production in 2019.

What does your humble servant have to say about all of this?

Just one word: insane.

How could Israel possibly place any trust in an Islamic government in Ankara that extorted $20 million from this country over the Mavi Marmara incident, that is one of the main supporters of Hamas terrorists, that works with Qatar to fund Islamic terrorism, and, and, and. . .

Can you imagine how easy it would be for Turkey to merely turn off the pipeline tap and halt all movement of Israeli natural gas? Can you imagine the Israel economy held hostage by Erdogan?

Netanyahu and Israel Energy Minister Steinetz may not be able to imagine it, but your humble servant and your average kindergartner have no problem doing so.

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