The Terror Attack in Jerusalem This Morning

20 Tammuz 5777

14 July 2017


News Update: The two Border policemen critically wounded in this morning’s attack have died. Both were Druze.

The Terror Attack in Jerusalem This Morning

Two of the dead terrorists on the Temple Mount this morning--one in the plaza and the other beside the wall of the building.

Two of the dead terrorists on the Temple Mount this morning–one in the plaza and the other beside the wall of the building.

Just think about the absurdity of the last month beginning with a short list of the concessions that Israel has made to the Palestinians:

–First, Israel permitted more than 1,000,000 Muslims to flood into Jerusalem “to pray” on the Temple Mount during Ramadan. Not only did we permit them to pray, but we Israeli taxpayers actually paid to transport them to the Mount in buses. And we did this while watching the Muslims who arrived on the Mount to “pray” stage huge “anti-Jewish” demonstrations on the Mount. Even more, our own craven government prohibited Jews from going on the Temple Mount for the last eight days of Ramadan–so as not to offend any Muslims.

–Second, we agreed to the construction of a new electrical substation just outside Jenin to provide “the poor Palestinians” with electricity. Our own idiotic government officials went out to cut the ribbon on the substation (and then hurriedly got back in their limos and left because no Jews are allowed in Area A of Judea and Samaria).

–Third, we signed a new water agreement with “the poor Palestinians” yesterday which allows them to purchase desalinated water at a much cheaper price than we Israelis have to pay. Our government officials along with President Trump’s Middle East negotiator Jason Greenblatt told all of us about how vital and wonderful the agreement is.

On the other side, what have the Palestinians done in response–just in the last three days?

First, we had a major “bulldozer”terror attack near Tekoa where a terrorist rammed his car into a group of soldiers, then jumped out of the car and began trying to stab them. One soldier was wounded and the terrorist was killed. Every major member of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party went to the home of the terrorist and extolled him as a hero. The IDF then inexplicably permitted a huge funeral parade replete with masked terrorists and terrorist flags to travel through Area C on the way to the grave site.

Second, we had incoming missile sirens blaring across southern Israel in response to three missiles fired into Gaza border communities. What was the IDF response? The IDF spokesman said the missiles were never fired–despite the fact that residents heard the explosions.

Third, two hours ago, there was a major terror attack on the Temple Mount. Reports are still sketchy, but it appears that three Palestinian terrorists armed with guns and knives were on the Temple Mount (don’t ask how they got there*). They apparently left the Temple Mount in the direction of the Lion’s Gate on the eastern wall of the Old City. Once there, they encountered a group of Border policemen and opened fire. Then they fled to what they thought was safety back on the Temple Mount. They were pursued by other police. According to current reports, all three terrorists were killed on the Mount. Two of the policemen are in “very critical” condition, and the other two are in “moderate” condition.

Don’t you want to scream at the world?

Don’t you want to take Jason Greenblatt, President Trump, former President Obama, all the leaders of the European Union,  and every Israeli politician who thinks that peace is possible with the Palestinians–and shake them, hoping that they will wake up and see reality for what it is?

How many times do we have to say that the more concessions we make to the Palestinians, the more they try to kill us.

It is a neverending story.  

Pray for our critically wounded policemen who are currently in surgery.


*Addendum 1:

It is relatively simple for Palestinian terrorists to get weapons onto the Mount. The checkpoints for Muslims going up to the Mount aren’t nearly as stringent as those for non-Muslims.

Addendum 2:

Two items:

*Back in May, another fraudulent UNESCO vote declared that Israel has no sovereignty in Jerusalem and that the Temple Mount is a Palestinian holy site.

As meaningless as these votes are to the reality on the ground, all UNESCO is doing is to encouraging and justifying Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.

*On July 3, your humble servant wrote this in response to PM Netanyahu’s statement that he would rescind the approval of Knesset legislators to go to the Mount if Muslim violence takes place on the Mount:

“Even a kindergartner can tell you what will happen now. There will be . . . stabbings, shootings, bulldozer attacks, and who knows what else. And once again, the Temple Mount will be closed to Jews.”







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