The Moral Perversion of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

8 Elul 5777

30 August 2017

Quote of the Day:

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked caused a firestorm of protest yesterday at the leftist Tel Aviv Bar Association when she correctly observed:

“The Israel Supreme Court has turned Zionism into a dead zone, and us into a people without an identity and without a past. It has adopted extreme individual rights over our national interest. . . a constitutional revolution is needed, and it will come in the next Knesset session.”


The News on the Israel Street

Palestinian terrorists strike again and again . . .

Virtually every road throughout Judea and Samaria was a scene of terror assaults yesterday as Palestinian terrorists hurled Molotov firebombs and “rocks” in such locations as north of Ofra, the Gush Etzion Road, El Khader, and Route 55 near Azzun.

Meanwhile, IDF forces were hit with IEDs at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, and at Joseph’s Tomb near Shechem IDF troops shot a terrorist who was attempting to attack a group of worshipers.

In eastern Jerusalem, Israeli security forces were assaulted by terrorists in Ras Khamis near Shuafat and at A-Tur.

A big change in Hevron . . . apparently . . .

As odd as it may sound, the Hevron Jewish community, one of the most tightly woven communities in Israel has never been able to become a municipality. This stems from the strange fact that according to the Oslo Accords back in 1993, Hevron’s Jewish community was supposed to be dependent on the city of Hevron’s municipal authorities.

Of course that has never been true.

Yesterday, at the prodding of Justice Minister Shaked, Defense Minister Lieberman finally signed off on permitting the community to form its own municipality–thereby establishing in law what was already established in fact.

But like everything else in Israel, we’ll have to wait and see if this becomes a reality because the Supreme Court will almost certainly intervene.

What does this say about the IDF General Command?

After investing billions of shekels in the construction of new IDF headquarters just south of Beersheva, the Director General of the Defense Ministry froze the movement of all “intelligence units” of the IDF to the south yesterday.

Why? Because “internal polls” show that members of the units will quit the IDF rather than spend long hours commuting back and forth from their homes in Tel Aviv.

Can you believe this?

What kind of idiotic military organization bases its security decisions on polls?

The IDF General Command.



The Moral Perversion of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

What United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres did yesterday was a breathtaking slap in the face of every Israeli and every Jew.

Coming one day after a press conference with PM Netanyahu in Jerusalem in which he ridiculously heard himself called “a friend of Israel”, Guterres’ actions in Ramallah confirmed what every Israeli knowsthat the United Nations is one of the most egregiously anti-Semitic and morally perverted organizations ever formed.

He began his day making a moral equivalency between the victims of the Holocaust and the terrorist founder of the PLO, Yasser Arafat. Not by what Guterres said, but by what he did.

Apparently thinking that because he had laid a wreath in memory of murdered Jews at Yad Vashem that he should lay a wreath in Ramallah as well, Guterres laid one at the grave of a terrorist whose life work was murdering Jews.

Who knows how many Jews Arafat murdered? Guterres standing at attention after laying a wreath at the arch-terrorist's grave in Ramallah yesterday.

Who knows how many Jews Arafat murdered? Guterres standing at attention after laying a wreath at the arch-terrorist’s grave in Ramallah yesterday.

But that was just the start of the day. By evening he was at the home of Umm Abu Hamid.

By way of backround, her sons are a rogues gallery of the most vicious Palestinian terrorist murderers:

Abd al-Mun’im Naji Abu Hamid planned and carried out the ambush and murder of an Israeli General Services officer. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

Muhammad Abu Hamid is currently serving two life sentences for his involvement in deadly terror attacks.

Sharif Abu Hamid is currently serving four life sentences for carrying out deadly attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers. In March 2002, he took a suicide bomber to his detonation point.

Nasser Abu Hamid (not to be confused with the Nasser below) is serving 5 life sentences for the murder of five Israeli civilians.

Nasser Abu Hamid is currently serving seven life sentences after being convicted of the murder of seven Israeli civilians and the attempted murder of 12 more.

All told these brothers murdered at least 19 Israelis and are serving a combined total of 19 life sentences.

Now consider what Guterres said at the home of the terrorists’ mother last night:

“We understand the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners, and we will make contacts with those concerned in order to stop their suffering.”

We understand the suffering of the Abu Hamid brothers?

What kind of moral perversion is at play here in which the murderers become the suffering victims?

And the actual people who are suffering–the families of the 19 murdered Israelis–are treated as nonexistent.

It is utterly nauseating.

But it is precisely the moral perversion that the United Nations and its morally perverted Secretary General have come to stand for.  








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